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How to take care of infants and toddlers during North India winter season

Updated on December 14, 2012
Take good care of little ones during winter
Take good care of little ones during winter

Winter care tips for babies in India

I say it is not a cakewalk taking care of children during winter. Taking care of infants and toddlers during winter is very difficult. Frequent diaper change and dress change makes things tough for parents. My 2 year old son would remove and throw away his socks and gloves whenever I try to make him wear them. He finds fun in moving the sweater zipper and would pull out his sweater as soon as I move to another room. Children also frequently get cold, chest congestion, running nose during winter. Parents should therefore take good care of infants and toddlers. Appropriate dressing would make your kid ready for winter season. I would explain the different dress materials your baby would require for Delhi winter.

Keep some cotton shirts, both sleeveless and full sleeve.

In the beginning of winter child can wear this cotton dress inside and woolen cloth outside. Indigenous people of North India say that it is not good to wear woolen clothes as inner clothes, especially for babies. This is because; wearing woolen clothes inside would overheat your body and bring heat related diseases. Too much dressing would make your body weak only. I have noticed that my baby go lean during winter. So I don’t recommend wearing woolen clothes as inner clothes. In the beginning of winter use cotton clothes as inner clothes. But as the winter progress cotton would become so cool and wet-like.

Thermal wears as inner clothes during December and January

Winter is severe in Delhi during December and January. During these months you should make you child wear thermal wear as inner clothes. Keep 4 or 5 thermal wears for your child.

baby wear in winter
baby wear in winter

Woolen shirts, sweaters, full sleeved tops, full sleeved frocks, jerkin etc

Keep 6 or 7 full sleeved sweaters, frocks, tops and pants for toddlers. Use half sleeve sweaters during the beginning of winter (in mild cold). Use full sleeves in severe winter. Children would wet pants every 15 minutes during winter. Keep 7 or 8 woolen pajamas for your toddler. Garam paijamas (pajamas) (lower woolen wears) are available in Delhi markets. You would find lot of woolen baby clothes in Sarojini Nagar market. Cute woolen clothes for infants and toddlers can be bought from Sarojini Nagar market for cheap prices. So you should have enough woolen clothes for winter. Keep 2 jerkins also for severe winter. Use jerkins for evening outings. One piece jerkins, jackets, sweaters and suits are also available in Delhi markets. These one piece cloths can be worn during night. This would keep whole body warm.

Diapers for children below 18 months of age

When my baby was 1 year old I faced a winter in Delhi. I had no other way but use diapers day and night for my child. I don’t however prefer using diapers as baby is not comfortable with that. Diapers cause rashes and urinary infections. But you would find it difficult during winter if baby is wetting his woolen pyjamas, socks and shoes. So use diapers.

Diaper rules during winter

Change diaper very frequently during winter as diapers will be full in 2 hours. When you change diaper, wipe the diaper area with warm water and apply a moisturizing cream. This would help keep the diaper area clean and healthy. Wipe front and back with warm water, use cream and wear the new diaper. Babies will not let you clean often, but you should somehow do this compulsorily (at least 2 times a day). Do not do this with every diaper change. It is not good to frequently use water on babies.

Woolen socks, caps, monkey caps, shoes, and gloves

Keep several pairs of cotton socks, woolen socks, woolen caps and cotton caps. In mild winter use cotton socks and caps. As winter becomes severe use woolen socks and caps. It is better not to wear woolen socks and cap when baby sleeps. During sleep use cotton socks and cap. Keep 2 pairs of garam shoes (warm chappals) also for baby.

Keep woolen blankets for baby

Keep 2 woolen blankets for baby. When you go out, you need to cover your baby from cold wind. Baby quilt (rajai in hindi) is available in markets. Woolen hand towels are very useful during winter season.

Comfortable clothing for baby during winter

It is true that several layers of clothing is needed for babies during winter. But never do over clothing for babies. Too many layers of clothing would make babies sweat. This would make infants and toddlers fussy. So be very careful about over clothing. When you dress baby, check whether he is sweating. Do not dress babies, especially infants, with thick clothing. Do not put woolen clothes directly to baby skin. First put thermal inner wear, then put woolen clothes and sweaters. During night you should check whether baby is sweating or not. If baby is sweating, remove socks and cap, and any extra clothing. Avoid dresses with fur and other extra fittings. Babies will feel uncomfortable with this clothing. If possible get sweaters and shirts with buttons in front. Zippers are easy. But babies will pull out the zippers. While buying sweaters that can be put in through head ensure that it goes well through your baby’s head. Better you get dress with front open buttons. Do not put thick blankets over baby. In early winter, just use cotton bed sheet. During December and January use woolen blankets for baby.

Mustard oil for baby skin and baby body warming

Mustard oil is the nature’s best winter gift for us. Mustard oil can solve your skin problems during winter. Apply mustard oil on baby skin during winter. Skin would no longer become dry if you regularly apply mustard oil on baby skin. Mustard oil would also warm child’s body during winter. If baby has chest congestion, you can apply mustard oil on his chest. Fry some garlic in mustard oil and apply this oil on baby’s throat, feet and chest. This is a good home remedy for baby cold during winter.

Moisturizing creams

Get a moisturizing cream (skin cream for babies) prescribed by your pediatrician. Use moisturizing creams throughout winter for kids. Baby lotion is also helpful for keeping baby skin healthy during winter.

Body warming foods for baby

I do give my son chicken soup, vegetable soup and rasam during winter. Indian spice dish, rasam, is very good for infants and toddlers during winter. This is the rasam recipe for children. Give chicken soup to your toddler so that he can handle the cold weather in winter. Here is the simple chicken soup recipe for toddlers. Body warming foods to eat in winter. Give children nuts during winter. Give them almonds everyday. Almonds would heat body. Give egg to your child everyday during winter. If your child is above 1 year old you should give egg to your child daily in cold winter.


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    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 4 years ago

      thank you Pavlo Badovskyy

    • Pavlo Badovskyy profile image

      Pavlo Badovskyi 4 years ago from Kyiv, Ukraine

      You are a caring mother and give a good sample how to dress children in winter based on your own experience. Great hub. Shared