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Ways to teach kids respect so they can earn respect

Updated on July 16, 2015

How are kids disrespectful?

Kids can be disrespectful in a variety of ways they can talk back to their parents, a teacher, their family members or simply someone that has the authority. Kids can also become disrespectful by not following the rules that was set for them and another disrespectful act would be to bully another person.

A true quote about showing kids respect.
A true quote about showing kids respect. | Source

Some solutions to get kids to respect

Here are some great starter ideas that I have thought about and are proven to help

  • In my past experiences of babysitting I have learned that to be in charge of a child is not about turning into a friend for the child but instead be a teacher to them. Ask the kid this question would you like it if another person disrespected you? If the child says no then you are off to a good start in getting the kid to understand and then strictly tell them to not disrespect other people because no one wants to be with disrespectful people.
  • Second idea that I have learned while babysitting to get kids to respect is to pay attention when the the child is behaving rude. By doing this you as the parent or babysitter has the time to think about any interaction techniques that can be used when communicating with the kid so that he or she can behave.
  • Next up teach kids how to say please, thank-you, or excuse me these words can have a positive impact on their social skills as well as in the future when the kids become adults. Having manners also teaches kids to have empathy towards people around them.
  • Be respectful to the child when correcting him or her about their behavior I have tried this technique and it does help just pull the kids aside and talk to them quietly making them understand what you are communicating to them. Do not let the child's disrespectful behavior disrupt you by shouting and having a bad attitude because that does not help it just makes the kid more disrespectful than before.
  • Make sure to set boundaries to kids about their behavior and punishments if they don't listen.

Tips Continued....

  • When the child is relaxed and behaving appropriately talk to the child by listening to his or her opinion and what was going on when they had a wrong behavior and you can also tell the kid what actions they could have done instead to solve a issue.
  • Lastly do not ignore the child's behavior by saying that he or she are just children and that they will get over it or by saying that's just how they are the matter of fact those ignoring comments won't help the child to learn about respecting others. As a parent or babysitter it is your duty and responsibility to assist the kid in knowing how to control their thoughts and feelings so they can grow up to be educated adults.

Useful advice is always helpful in raising a disrespectful kid.
Useful advice is always helpful in raising a disrespectful kid. | Source

Some consequences for disrespectful kids

Here is a list of the consequences that are suitable for kids who are not being respectful and are not following the rules so they can realize that there are consequences to their disrespectful actions.

  • When establishing punishments to the children make sure that they are clear punishments for example if the child or teen is sleeping late and not waking up early to get to school on time then you might want to instead say to the child that as a punishment he or she will have to go to sleep early to rest good for a few days.
  • Make the consequences task oriented if your teen comes home late past her curfew then make sure to tell him or her that she can go out but that they might have to come on time with the established curfew time that you the adult has decided only for a few days and when you see that the teen is respecting the curfew time then you can let him or her return home at their normal curfew time.

Remember - Taking the teens phone away or keeping them inside the house without going out for several weeks is not going to teach teens how to act more respectful towards the adult that is living with them.

  • Another positive punishment that can be used on both kids and teens who are disrespectful to other people such as one of their siblings in the family is for them to write a apology letter to their brother or sister.

How it works- The letter writing punishment is a chance for the child or teen to realize what they did wrong and how they will behave next time once the kid or teen writes the letter and apologizes then they can get their toy or phone back.

What technique would you use to teach respect to your child?

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The causes of disrespectful behavior in kids and teens

There are a variety of factors that can contribute to the disrespectful behavior of kids by you as the adult knowing these causes can help you detect any of the signs and be able to understand and communicate well with the child about how they feel.

the reasons-

the limitations that parents or other adults in charge assign to the child can make them be disrespectful towards the limitations.

When kids feel they are not receiving enough attention then they might start asking for it by acting disrespectful.

Children do not like being treated unfairly or they don't like it when they feel unheard every time they are expressing themselves when talking so the child might get disrespectful.

Sometimes there are children that want to start being independent from their parents.

Kids can have the habit of imitating the behavior of their parents or other adults in charge to show disrespect its important for you as the adult to be a good example for the child.

The TV shows and movies that children see also play an important role in their behavior its important for the adult to pay attention to what kids are seeing and to make sure that kids see positive programming appropriate for their age.

In this survey it explains the percentage amount of kids that are respectful today and the percentage of kids that are disrespectful which is a higher percentage.
In this survey it explains the percentage amount of kids that are respectful today and the percentage of kids that are disrespectful which is a higher percentage. | Source
backtalking is a disrespectful habit.
backtalking is a disrespectful habit. | Source

Some facts about disrespectful kids

Every parent and adult who cares for a child should know the facts:

  • Disrespectful behavior can cause child abuse.
  • It is a embarrassing behavior to deal with.
  • It has the ability to hurt the confidence of the parent or adult that cares for the child.
  • Kids can loose their self-esteem.


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