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How to tell if your baby has gas; Get rid of infant gas naturally

Updated on March 29, 2012

How to tell if your baby has gas

Just like us, our babies can experience gas after eating. However, unlike us, they aren't able to tell us what the problem is. Here are a few ways to know that what is causing your baby so much discomfort is gas.

  • If your baby is otherwise pretty happy, and generally only gets fussy after she eats.
  • If your fussy baby seems to calm down after she burps, passes gas, or has a bowel movement.
  • Your baby's tummy may feel harder than usual if she has gas built-up in there.
  • She may be very fussy, squirm and grimace as if in pain.

How to help baby get rid of gas

Here are some natural methods to help your infant get rid of the gas in her tummy, and hopefully make her happy again...

  • Of course, try to do the simple burping method first. Sometimes when babies eat, air gets trapped in their bellies as a result of air in the bottle, gulping too much, or eating too fast.
  • Lay her face down across your knees so that gentle pressure is applied to her tummy. This may help to push the gas out.
  • Lay her on her back and move her legs in a pattern that looks as if she is riding a bicycle. This will help move the gas out of her tract.
  • Rub her tummy in a circular motion with your finger tips.
  • Gripe Water is a natural substance containing fennel and ginger that can soothe a baby's tummy. (Much like ginger ale can soothe an adult tummy.)

Other methods

Of course, there are other methods that can be used. There are many over-the-counter gas relief drops, fiber remedies, etc. that you should consult with your pediatrician about before using.


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