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Understanding what babies want: how to understand baby language

Updated on October 23, 2011

How to understand baby language

Honestly, babies are very easy to understand. It's just our big grownup brains try to complicate everything.

In the beginning babies are very basic little creatures. They need comfort, food, sleep. After that we complicate it. oh he's cranky, he doesn't like being here, etc. Guess what? Babies don't care where they are. Now don't get wrong babies are differnt like we all are. Some may like the monster truck rally others not so much. But this is where being a good parent/provider/caregiver person comes in.

Learn the baby's personality. Some babies hate wet diapers. Others really don't care. If you know this about a baby and they start howling liek they tend to check the diaper.

Anytime a baby cries at my daycare i go and check the diaper, see is he's hungry, and then hold him for a bit. If he stops problem solved, if not then there's something else. Is the baby hot or cold, are they teething, maybe it's gas? Usually hinger cries start off liek a whimper and get louder the hungrier the baby gets. Pain like teething or gas is usually a high pitched shriek. I mena come on he's in pain and has no words to tell you such. Sometimes being quiet is a sign of not feeling good. Maybe his throat hurts. You can usually here scratchiness in the cry though.

Honestly just learn the babies personality. If you're a caregiver it may take a week and its an adjustment. for both you and the baby. If you're a parent though it's your baby calm down and stop thining and over thinking it. You know what your baby needs and wants. and mostly its love. and that's one sound you can't mistake. that loving cooing laughing giggling smiling gurgling sweet baby sound.

Just take the time to bond, learn and grow with each other. Trust me. Hope this helps.


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    laila 7 years ago

    I need help!

  • guidebaba profile image

    guidebaba 9 years ago from India

    Excellent Hub.