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How toys help in building cognitive development in children?

Updated on November 12, 2013

The brain of a child is similar to a sponge, and is eager to soak up whatever it touches. Kids toys that enhance cognitive skills are a must in every playroom for a positive, educational experience.

Play is the very mechanism by which children learn and building toys like Lego blocks or Fisher Price toys, toys with role-playing activities like being superheroes or playing house and exploration toys like magnifying glasses and games with rules help the cause.

Cognitive skills should be inculcated in children right from the toddler stage. These skills include baby’s ability to learn, think, comprehend, solve problems, build reasoning skills and remember things. Of all the mediums considered important enough to build cognitive development, a toy is clearly the first among equals.

Babies as well as toddlers spend a lot of time at play. It is logical and natural to utilize this time for learning and creativity. However, identification of the RIGHT toy is absolutely crucial. Playing with blocks, board books, alphabet toys, shape sorters and puzzles enhances a child’s cognitive ability in the best possible way. Positives like patience, frustration tolerance, teamwork and learning how to overcome failure are also a part of the learning process.

Cognition is the inner process and products of the mind that lead the way to knowledge.Today, the importance of the ‘learning angle’ should not be ignored.

Cognitive skills which are cultivated during childhood with the aid of toys are said to have long lasting benefits. Children grow up ready to take on the challenges which life throws at them constantly and are better placed to cope up with pressure situations.

But cognitive skills in infants are also facilitated in the manner in which adults actually use the toys to interact with babies. Brand identification and usage is important as a toy for a 3 month old may vary from one for a 11 month old. One should bear in mind the child’s age in months while selecting a cognitive toy.

For babies aged 0-6 months the right choice would be a rattle with the contrasting colors of black and white as well as something with music and bright lights. For a 3 month old baby, brightly colored rings can be added to develop new skills. A 4 month baby can finally reach out for his or her toys and this must be kept in mind when selecting a toy.

Pull toys are a favorite for kids in the 7-12 month range. But more importantly, it is the act rather than the toy which really matters with respect to cognitive development. What you do with the toy is more important than the toy itself.

These toys encourage exploration but a baby learns best when permitted to discover his or her world through developmentally suitable toys and interactions with a trustworthy adult/adults. Let’s play!

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This post was contributed by our friend Swayam Ganguly. Swayam Ganguly's novel titled “Love Films and Rock n Roll” (Alchemy Publishers) has been released recently. His next upcoming novel “Good, Bad and Ugly” (Supernova Publishers) is slated for release soon.


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    • stuff4kids profile image

      Amanda Littlejohn 

      4 years ago

      I agree that open-ended, creative play is vital in a child's cognitive development. The most effective toys are those which combine fantasy and imagination with an element of problem-solving and co-operation with other children.

      Nice hub!

    • greatstuff profile image


      4 years ago from Malaysia

      Good layout and well written. I am starting to learn all these again, as I have a 7-month old grandson. Thanks for sharing.

    • Toytasting profile imageAUTHOR

      Toy Tasting 

      4 years ago from Mumbai

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Violette Rose. Glad you liked the hub. :)

    • VioletteRose profile image


      4 years ago from Chicago

      Nice hub :) Children learn a lot while playing and choosing the right toys is very important.

    • Toytasting profile imageAUTHOR

      Toy Tasting 

      5 years ago from Mumbai

      The best way children can learn is through play.Thanks for stopping by and sharing your comments.:)

    • kidscrafts profile image


      5 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      Great article! I love when kids can learn while playing!

      Thanks for sharing!


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