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Huggies Nappy-Pants Photos And Review

Updated on July 20, 2012

Huggies Nappy-Pants look so cute and are also a great fit on my daughter. I love the prints and colours on them - they are so pretty! My baby has received compliments about them when she's worn them. They are definitely by far the best looking nappy I've seen on the Australian market, so good looking that you wouldn't need to put a nappy cover on over them when dressing baby in a short dress.

Unlike Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies (Huggies regular nappies) there is a variety of the prints on the outside of the nappy in the one packet, well at least there were two different prints in my 10-15kg girls pack. All with the same pastel colours, some with cute pink and purple polka dots and flowers on the others, and they have assorted Disney pictures on the front. They are much prettier than Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies. 

The very stretchy elasticized waist allows them to fit snug around baby's tummy, almost like a perfect fit - I wish there was a regular nappy which had the same! The stretchy side tabs are fully adjustable, and you can undo them to put them on your baby, or leave them done up and pull baby's legs through like you're putting a pair of underpants on. No fussing about with tabs like you need to with regular nappies - these Nappy Pants make it easy to get a quick, perfect fit, and there's no hard tab pieces which can dig into baby. The sides are quite sheer and soft, they look comfortable.

These Nappy-Pants also have a much slimmer crutch area than regular Nappies. The crutch is probably only as wide as a normal pair of kids underpants. I don't understand why they make nappies for little people so much wider than adult underwear or even maternity pads! So these Nappy-Pants really appealed to me for this reason also.

They probably wouldn't last through the night as a night nappy without an overflow, but through the day, when you're changing baby regularly they are fine as far as this is concerned. They absorb almost as much as a regular nappy, but not quite; they are less bulky - although the padding does run the full length of the nappy.

With the sides being fully adjustable horizontally via a strip of thin vertical tape they make it no fuss to get the fit just right. It's like you can't go wrong too, because there is a generous amount of stretch in them overall.

I would never put a nappy on my baby again, and always use these Nappy-Pants (Even if they do cost a little more than a regular nappy) but unfortunately - and this is a big disappointment - they give her nappy rash! These are the ONLY nappy which has ever given her nappy rash, and we've tried most brands of disposable nappies in Australia! 

My daughter does not have sensitive skin, and hadn't had the faintest sign of nappy rash before trialling these nappies. I tried putting just one a day on her, at a time I knew I'd be changing her again soon so that she wasn't in the nappy for very long, but the rash appears in full force when she's only worn one.  

I liked these Nappy-Pants so much, I tried using various Nappy Rash Creams as a barrier to see if I could overcome this problem so that I could continue using them, but to no avail. So, I'm extremely disappointed that I can't use these on my baby at all, and can't recommend using them to others. It seems such a shame that such a beautiful looking and great fitting nappy is of no use because of it causing nappy rash.   

Front view (10-15kg Girls)

Side view


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      3 years ago

      By on I think the best ideas always start off with a real need like yours. If I was a young peanrt without a car this would be a great service for me. If the product comes up to a similar price or lower, that would be even better and a total no brainer. I just loathe lining up and I can't imagine carrying bulky stuff on the MRT or bus. Taxis are too expensive these days.


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