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Huggies VS Pampers

Updated on March 26, 2013

New Born Diapers: Huggies VS Pamper

Two of the biggest named brand disposable diapers are Huggies and Pampers. But what is the difference and which one is better? Is there a difference? Choosing diapers is probably not the first thing that most parents think about when they find out they are pregnant, but once the due date is closer diapers become more and more important. And when you start hearing about things like diaper rashes, leakages, and diapers falling right off the baby it can be a little worrisome. Although there are many different brands out there I will compare the two biggest brands since that is what most parents think of when they think nappies.


Keeping our babies nice and dry is probably the most important thing for diapers. If diapers are wet for a long period of time they babies can get rashes. Also, we don’t want any leakages because that means more changes and more laundry. This is a very tricky question and there actually is no one right answer. Some prefer Huggies and some prefer Pampers, this depends on your baby and your baby’s shape. Just like clothing, no one shirt can fit all. If your baby is a little bit on the chunky side then most mothers prefer Huggies and if your baby is on the skinny side then Pampers is the way to go. Although Huggies does hold more liquid overall, you don’t want your baby’s diaper to be holding so much pee before you change it anyways. Both are designed to suck the moisture away from the baby’s bum so that they can stay dry which leads me to my next comparison.


Nothing is worse then seeing your baby’s bottom all red and you can just imagine their pain. Diaper rashes can be caused from many different things including moisture build up, chafing, chemical sensitivity, infections and even the food that your baby is eating. Although both Pampers and Huggies both claim to have dryness protection not all moisture can be completely be absorbed so make sure you change your baby as soon as their diapers are wet or soiled and it also helps that both brands have a wetness indicator so you know when to your baby needs a changing. Since both brands have super absorbent technology it means that they use a chemical to keep your baby dry, which you cannot know what will make your baby rash until you try it out. It is like allergies, how do you know you are allergic to something until you try it? Chafing is again dependent on your babies shape, I mean if your baby is chubby the diaper will be rub against his or her leg more so then on a skinny baby. But this would also mean that if your baby is chubbier the diaper will fit your baby differently then a skinny baby and that means the skinny baby will have more problems with leakage if the diaper fits the chubby baby perfectly. Also remember that the rashes might not be only from the diaper itself, it might also be from the food your baby is eating if you are not breastfeeding, it might be the milk formula that is making your baby rash. Yeast and bacteria love warm moist areas and your baby’s diaper is an ideal environment for infections to grow, if you change your baby often this shouldn’t be a problem with either brand. So many sure you exhaust all your reasons before blaming one brand or the other.


Even if your bundle of joy is super adorable when they poop it will smell bad. Many Pampers diaper users say that their diapers smell like baby powder, which is an ideal smell. On the other hand Huggies diaper users do say that the diapers does smell very much like pee. Although smelling like pee is not good it forces the parents to change their diapers regularly so maybe it is not a bad thing?


Swaddlers or preemies diapers, although it will be under your babies onsie you may still want a cute design. Pampers uses baby Sesame Street characters on their diapers while Huggies uses baby Winnie the Pooh characters on their diapers. This would be all about preferences, if you like Winnie the Pooh or Sesame Street but honestly when you baby-tize most characters they look super cute! So this is all up to you.


The last thing is probably the price because with the amount of diapers that your baby will go through, those few dollars will start to matter! Though you can get coupons for both Huggies and Pampers, generally Huggies go on sale more often then Pampers also Huggies are a few dollars cheaper then Pampers. Another way to save money on diapers is to buy them in bulk from Walmart, Superstore or Costco.

Although choosing the right diaper for your baby is important please remember that every baby is different so different diapers will fit each baby different. The perfect diaper might not even be a big brand name like Huggies or Pampers it might be Kirkland brand. So make sure you try different diapers and don’t be upset if a certain diaper doesn’t fit your baby right now. Your next baby might be fitting that diaper that didn’t fit your first baby.

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