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Humidifiers for Children

Updated on April 9, 2011

When I was a child, I had semi-regular bouts of spasmodic croup, which sometimes led to emergency room visits in the middle of the night. I was not/am not asthmatic, but I have always had allergies and my mother's 3-pack-a-day habit didn't do me any favors. I was older than the age range spasmodic croup is typically characterized by, and so I remember it far better than most kids would. Although, to be honest, the only thing I really remember about it, is going to bed feeling fine, waking up in the middle of night as my mother leaned over me whilst ordering me to breathe -- and being absolutely panic stricken when I realized that I wasn't and couldn't.

Well, ok, obviously, I was breathing a little bit, or I'd not be relating the story now. But, at the time, I definitely felt like I wasn't, because my airway was that constricted. Once my mother starting using a humidifier, my breathing improved, and the incidence of spasmodic croup became less and less frequent. My humidifier was big, bulky and very medicinal looking... if I'd had one of these humidifiers back then, going to sleep with that thing would have been far, far cooler! I can't really remember how long croup was an issue for, but I do recall the seal-barking cough lasting several years longer than the croup itself. At any rate, I am just glad to be rid of the croup, and I highly recommend cool mist humidifiers for any child who might be dealing with it!

Crane Moo Cow Mist Humidifier

The Crane Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier is just too cute, isn't it? Just fill it up with cold water (regular tap water) and it will start up straight away. It will last all night -- up to eleven hours -- and when it's out of water it shuts off by itself. This type of humidifier works not only for allergy sufferers and flu sufferers, it also benefits those who have dry skin.

Crane Hello Kitty Humidifier

The Crane Hello Kitty Humidifier is so classic looking, isn't it? Hello Kitty has been around for so long that I think most little girls are very familiar with her. Who wouldn't love having this humidifier next to their bed at night? And don't worry about it making a lot of noise -- this humidifier is 'whisper quiet'!

Crane Adorable Frog Humidifier

The Crane Adorable Frog humidifier has got to be popular with the boys, don't you think? I have a cousin who collected frogs as a kid, and I am sure he would have loved this -- if he needed one. Which he probably didn't. But hey, it's so nifty looking that he probably would've wanted one anyway!

Crane SpongeBob Humidifier

The Crane SpongeBob humidifier is very cute, and doesn't at all look like something you'd find in a hospital! It only weighs 6 pounds and the water tank holds 1 full gallon of water. Fill him up and he'll help your child breathe easier throughout the night!

Crane Pig Humidifier

Pigs are popular with kids, aren't they? From the 3 Little Pigs to Charlotte's Web, piggies have been entertaining kids for decades. Get your child one of these Crane Piggie Humidifiers and they'll go to sleep with a smile!

Sunpentown Penguin Humidifier

This ultrasonic Penguin Humidifier from Sunpentown is cute enough for kids, but may still appeal to the grownups at home. It holds 1 gallon of water, operates silently, shuts itself off when empty, and weighs 6 pounds.


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