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Husband passion for cooking prostitutes ' penis ' My too small

Updated on March 1, 2016

I want a divorce but he refused on the grounds that his wife still love and need. I say go refurbished "girl" for wider, he said no need.

Husband, boyfriend because vile sorry ... go to bed with wife
As women, there are a few things to remember dead this golden
Get to husbands from food, accommodation ... to 'go to bed' and eccentric
With the sensitive nature of the woman and was so memorized husband's character so he has someone else that I know now. Told our heart to be calm, take the need to win and sister as I silently watched him since. After a month "undercover", 2 new sister would break my rival is a foreign woman.

Whispered comparisons between a cotton image infrared sexy, modern and wife many years staying at home to care for family makes me extremely unhappy, laments instead. And I dimly guess he causes infidelity. Perhaps up to 90% as well as sex with his wife can not be satisfied.

For a long time, he always hinted complained about the size "girl" my so small that each "love" you are not full of desire. Initially, I thought on the situation will be improved according to the frequency and relationship with all the prelude. But 2 years, our sex is still no sign of any progress. This made him stab a daunting and frustrating. Many times he "Lazy Love" and I just do not want to close this reason.

Sometimes I felt so unhappy terrible. I do not dare talk about this sensitive tell anyone except my sister. Sister advised me to go to her extended refurbished. But as yet, I fear what pregnancy would affect birth stories that linger about beauty enclosed areas.

Since her husband discovered affair with Western girls, I also want to tattered jealous but because of ignorance of foreign languages, so I stepped back to the table. I just have to go home husband deterrence.

He still denies the grounds are partners in work makes me even more angry and deadlock. Not only that, he was drawn towards her relatives to misunderstand me because everyone is jealous that born blurred vision. Mother also let harsh words to say I spare than at home so cleverly imagined, had parasites also affect the work of her husband. I Yuchi choking tears.

Knew was completely helpless in this situation, I quietly buy English books on self-study room, just in case. Ironically, English "used to jealous" but I need to find where it rolls, the only guidebook full sentences tactful communication in work and life. So, after several days of research, I was just under the concave pumping a sample of basic greetings.

Where education is not a night to where I accidentally discovered his appointment to the Arab foreign hotel there. Anger makes me forget all their disadvantages and their employees according to the room. At two human encounter, I suddenly hesitate in because she was too tall. Before her husband's mistress West, I felt self-conscious about the size, "she" so small that I own.

Do not do anything, I just know weeping struggle. My husband panicked moment, but he quickly regained composure and explained something to love. The two of them talked for a long time while I could not understand what they're saying should be as unhappy and cried.

Take me home that day, he institutes enough reason to act at the last hotel. I cried all the tears and despair had demanded divorce blurted.

Exchange words, he complained angry after two years of marriage, I have never given him a time to "top" true. Therefore, if you have the affair has really matter, I should also feel sorry for the man in his instincts. I fall off when I heard you say that.

From Monday to talk frankly, I collapsed mentally, the more I ruined beauty seen haggard. I reiterate the issue of divorce, but he refused on the grounds that his wife still love and need. I also told to go refurbished "girl" for wider, he said no need. I do not know what to do now? Actually I still loved him. Just you stop, I will forgive everything that happened.


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