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Hyperactivity and Impulsivity: Main Aspects of ADHD

Updated on July 14, 2012

Often defined as the behavior that pushes one to be overly fidgety, hyperactivity is also related to the instance of impulsivity especially among young children suffering from ADHD or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. Question is what is the difference between these two factors affecting individuals with ADHD?

Hyperactivity: The Physical State of Being Abnormally Active

Researches from the years 2000 towards the end of 2005, nutritionists and psychologists found out that at the increased rate of eating artificially colored and manufactured foods, the rate of young children developing hyperactivity has become a dramatic turn of times. Preservatives used in beverages and junk foods specifically affect the said behavior. Relatively though, such research continues to be funded for proof and reliability up to this date.

It is also pointed out that somehow, the lack of actual activity that children are exposed to at present makes them more relatively affected by hyperactivity as a form of behavioral disorder that directly affects their social connection with peers, friends and family.

Impulsiveness: The Inability to use Mind-Comprehension Properly

Most of the time, those who are affected by hyperactivity are not so much able to think. As a result, they often decide on matters without forethought like normal individuals do. The process of thinking-before-doing is not so much of a regular practice for individuals suffering from the effects of impulsiveness. As a result to this, individuals who have less control of their decision making process often end up in trouble with their peers; arguments often spur in the home due to misunderstanding between parents and children; as a result, parents often refer to these situations as the most stressing part of their parenthood.

Are you feeling the same dread that others are undergoing especially when it comes to dealing with hyperactivity and impulsivity about your child or children?


Around the globe, there are about 65% of parents in need of dealing with the said situation. ADHD has become one of the most common behavioral issues among children today, and its effects are becoming even more serious through the years. This is the reason why researchers concerned in the said field are putting much attention to the situation and are further improving procedures of dealing with the issues considering parent-children relationships and child-development matters that would make a great impact on how ADHD could be dealt with.

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