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I Am Lovable: How To Change Your Life with IALAC

Updated on April 27, 2013

I Am Lovable And Capable: How to Change Your Life with the Ultimate Affirmation

I Am Lovable And Capable (IALAC: pronounced: eye-uh-lack)

I first learned about IALAC when I was on a youth retreat with a church. I thought that's nice, a handy little acronym, it makes sense, I like it, good. And I filed it away. I wasn't stunned by it's elegant yet simple truth, for my parents had instilled its meaning into more core for the last 17 years. For me, it was a nice way to learn a short-hand version of a summary of my parents' entire parenting of me: I Am Lovable And Capable. They taught me that I AM lovable and capable. And now, I had a short-hand version to refer to anytime I felt afraid or extremely challenged.

I have lived 25 years since then and have been continually amazed at how few people were taught the essence of IALAC.

Further, I continually encounter people who were taught, and who now teach themselves, and who now surround themselves with others, that teach them just the opposite.

There's lots you can do with IALAC. That's what this lens is all about.

How would your life change if you started every day saying "IALAC" to yourself before your feet touched the floor?

By the time you were in the shower you would actually be able to mentally say the words "I Am Lovable And Capable" to yourself (instead of thinking of your to-do list for the day).

What if, when you were sitting at your desk, or actually doing your to-do list for the day, when you faced the day's biggest challenge, you reminded yourself that "I Am Lovable And Capable"?

What if, when you were sitting and eating dinner with your family around the table, or shuttling everyone in the family around town during the time that used to be used for family dinner hour until 21st Century America took over with all of its extra-curricular activities scheduled at that time, you reminded yourself that "I Am Lovable And Capable"?

What if, when you tucked your children in, your reminded yourself that your children are "lovable and capable"?

What if, just before you went to sleep, you smiled and thought, "I Am Lovable And Capable"?

How would your life change then?

IALAC (I Am Lovable And Capable) in Your Life

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Easy Inspiring IALAC Books

These 2 books should be on everyone's bedside table. They describe IALAC in simple ways, and apply it to everyday life. Flipping through the brightly colored pages is a great way to reconnect with the real reason why you are here, and how Divine you really are.

Bedtime Blessings

If you tuck your children in bed at night, remember that the words that come from you make a huge memory in your child's mind and heart.

And, the words that you hear and think just before you go to sleep create very deep memories in your mind and heart.

So, make those words - those bedtime blessings - to your children IALAC words.

You could say, "My son, you Are Lovable And Capable."

I tuck my daughter in every night with the same blessing - one that reaffirms my love for her and her specialness and her connection with the Divine - and have every night for her entire life. Even when we've gone away overnight and had family watch her, I've left her a note that said that blessing, so that her Grandmother could read it to her. By age 4, she had it memorized. Sometimes she says it along with me while she's dozing off to sleep.

What if you treated your own bedtime blessings for yourself as importantly as you do your children's?

IALAC Your Essence

Every challenging situation

Every life crisis

Every problem

Every depression

Every resentment

Every source of anger

Every anxiety

Every conflict

can be whittled down to being an attack on your deepest inner beliefs about whether you are lovable or capable.

Ask any therapist, hypno-therapist, business coach or life coach - they'll all tell you that every client's specific problems have very little to do with a problem with applicable of a person's healthy positive core personal beliefs, and almost everything to do with a person's sense of wounded, broken, or lacking belief in his/her being lovable and capable.

If you believe that you are lovable and capable, then you believe that you are worthy. If you believe that you are worthy, you are less likely to commit acts of self-sabotage.

If you believe that your essence is Divine and that you are connected to the Divine, then you are more likely to believe that you are lovable and capable.

Meditation - Connection to the Divine Voice telling you that you are "Lovable And Capable"

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Give Yourself an IALAC Gift of health and healing

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a master at teaching people how Divine they are, how to connect with their Divine Source, and how what we think co-creates our reality.

Repeating IALAC will get you far - but soon, you'll want more in depth specifics and applications. These Dyer books will serve you well.

Law Of Attraction

When you affirm to yourself throughout the day "I Am Lovable And Capable" you will feel great.

But sometimes, you'll still be manifesting things in your life that you'd like to change.

If you're into the Law of Attraction, here are some great books.

God's Will

After exploring the Law of Attraction for a while, I still sensed that something was missing. Also, I felt that I was living too much focused on me, and my head games.

And, when combined with IALAC (which by the way was invented by Sydney Simon Workshops), I really still did not feel grounded about my self-worth. (I know, as an attorney, you'd think I'd be filled with self-worth. Actually, most attorneys are just insecure ego-maniacs.) I still looked too much to others' opinions to validate my self-worth, while spending my morning and all-day prayers about what I wanted (even if what I wanted was to help others).

And then, I came to rely on God and His Word (as written in the Bible) for my sense of my worth. That experience changed my perspective from self-worth, to God's worth. That was a rock I could rely on. And then, my self-esteem (how I viewed myself) could get in line with my worth in God's eyes.

Dyer involves the Higher Power or "the Universal energy" as God in his works, that's why he calls it co-creating with God, instead of the self-creating that the Law of Attraction is based on.

Now, I (try) to live my life surrendered to God's Will for me. I believe that there is a God, that He knows my name, and that He loves me. I believe that with His presence in my life, and with constant reliance upon His guidance, I am lovable and capable. I believe that He has big and small paths that He wants me to take, and that are possible if I have a close relationship with Him.

If that's an experience that you'd like to have, or, would like to have more of, then here are some great books and CDs about having a deep, personal relationship with God, and experiencing the stability, centeredness and joy that comes from it.

Where are you along your IALAC journey?

Your IALAC Journey

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    • profile image

      blanckj 6 years ago

      I am currently working on this journey to improve my self-esteem and confidence and making large strides. My most important goal is to teach my daughter this goal so she doesn't have to go through what I did as a child. Thanks for such a sweet and touching lens. Great resources. Blessed!

    • TheresaMarkham profile image

      TheresaMarkham 8 years ago

      I haven't looked for it - but if I find it, I'll let you know!

    • profile image

      RGoutal 8 years ago

      I remember using the booklet by Sydney Simon when I taught high school psychology back in the 1970s - I can't seem to find the booklet in print - have you? Good overview!