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I Have a Choice

Updated on May 14, 2012

I Have a Choice

A good friend of mine once said to me " you have to give your child choices". At first I didn't know what that meant, but then she broke her view of it down. "It all consist of eye contact, talking to your child, and telling them the outcome of the good and bad. Example; If your child comes to you with their homework and tells you "mom I dont wan't to do my homework". Their you sit your child down and explain to them their pros and cons, the good outcome they will have by doing their homework and explain to them the consequences of not doing their home work.

It's all based on letting your child know they always have a choice. We all have a good path and a bad path. Us as parents allways try our best to teach our children right, show them what is right and what is wrong. We allways go out our way to make sure that we are raising them the right way, but is it really up to us what they do after they grow up, the paths they choose? That's why from now lets show our children that they have a choice. Allways show your children "if it's not this ,it's that". Ask yourself this question, "How many times do I sit down and speak to my child"?. Speak to your children, have talks with them, and show them that you are there for them. You as the parent in their eyes, you are the hero. Make sure that you and your child have that bond, that trust where your child can speak to you freelly. There is nothing greater than the bond between a parent and their child.


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