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I Lay Here In This Frozen State

Updated on April 25, 2014

I lay here in this frozen state

And hear your words to me

A smile flashes on my face

You think you do not see

Love was shown within our life

Now reflect upon

The fact that you are here

As my life is gone

Unconditional and lasting joy

This grandparent's love so true

I watched you as you've grown

Always believed in you

I watched as years flew by

So proud I saw you shine

The best that you could ever be

In my eyes was mine

I watched you as you went along

Spent worlds of hope it's true

Let me just live on and on

Knowing My best is you

So take this picture of our life

Remake it through your years

For love comes from the moments spent

Never from the last tears

Just know it is the cusp

Twas love that brought you here

Let it live beyond you now

To show that I was here.


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    • lisalisa00769 profile image

      lisalisa00769 3 years ago

      I watched my grandmothers as they whithered away and made it home just as my PopPop began to die. I thank God for them everyday and know the love that was within them for me lives within me everyday. I only strive to show the same to those I care about everyday.