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Genealogist vs. Geologists

Updated on August 6, 2011

My standard warning to all genealogical researchers

I am a genealogist. That is the study of people and their “genes.” You will notice it is spelled and pronounced “gen-e-al-o-gist.” It is not the study of rocks. The study of rocks is spelled and pronounced as “ge-ol-o-gists.” And yes, I have a problem with people who do not know the difference, especially those who not care to know the difference... as they are the ones with the rocks in the head.

Just to set the record straight, I have been doing “genealogy” for about forty years. I don’t do family history; I am too much into the actual research for that. I love studying the old records and I have a great love for the old books of records. I really love to hold in my hands those books that have stood the test of time and have been handed down for a hundred years or more.

Getting the information to complete your genealogy is only half the battle, as your ancestors were not just names and dates... so “getting” the information is well worth the trip to yesteryear. You need to get out of that chair and go “get” the information. If possible, make that trip physically so you can see where they lived and perhaps tour the museum or other old-time places and get a feel for what your ancestors went through so maybe just maybe you understand what made them what they were and why you are who you are. If not, then see the South through my eyes. You can also see America through the eyes of our ancestors, as I show you how to put a little flesh on the bones of your ancestors; just be aware I have a unusual sense of humor that pops though at the weariest of times.

Thus my hub pages will be a mixture of both compiled research and research techniques and research places, on and off line. Online I will give you tips on where to search, like the Rootsweb pages and FamilySearch. Off-line I will tell you of the places I have been, like the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge,Louisiana or the Samford University Library in Birmingham, Alabama.

Sometimes I will tell you about books I have found helpful to me. These books can be found in libraries, images may be scanned online, or sometimes the information can be found in databases online or in CD format. Some of these databases are “subscription only” for which you pay a monthly or yearly fee. Some of these databases are free. I will tell you about that too.

I will also tell you about the time I did the professional research for a client that could trace her family line back to the original land patient about the time of the start of the state of Texas, but then I could tell you about the time that the capital of Texas was located within the state of Louisiana.

I want to teach you about the records that are “out there.” Most of it will be those things “Southern.” I want to share my love of people, places, and things. I want you to see America through my eyes. And I want you to be proud of who you are, regardless if your people have been in the United States since before 1776 or you just arrived here yesterday... or you just have not made it here yet and were just wishing you were here!


My standard warning to all new genealogical researchers:

You would also do well to remember that not everything is on the internet. Someone had to type and put up any information you find online; so with re-typing comes errors on top of the original errors.

However, there is a lot of information on the internet and you would do well to search for your genealogical information there first, if you have frequent access to the internet.

Most of all remember that books, as well as the internet, contain errors. Both are to be used as a road map to the “original” records.

So get up and enjoy the search, as much as the information you find. And if you like my type of writing, you might want to subscribe to my Hubpages so you will know as soon as a new one comes out!

And to be very up-front and honest with you – and because somebody has to pay for the expense of the web use – you will notice advertisement on the Hubpages. If you click on an advertisement, the author of the article (me) will get a fraction of a cent. If you decide you want a copy of the book advertised below and you click through to Amazon by clicking on the shown advertised book, I will get a few cents for that too. Hey, it helps pay for utilities and my laptop and in this day and age, a few cents here and a few cents there may add up to another trip to a library for me! Thanks.


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    • Annette Womack profile imageAUTHOR

      Annette Womack 

      7 years ago from North Louisiana

      Very addictive. I got hooked on it about 40 years ago and haven't gotten off it yet!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I just started doing some research and its addicting, great hub.


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