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I and my father

Updated on August 6, 2016

When I was 5 year old

When I was 5 year old, I do not remember things prior to that, I used to think that my father is the strongest person in the world.

At the age of 10

I felt that my father is a very intelligent person who has knowledge of everything.

When I was 15 years old

I started feeling that my friends’ fathers are more intelligent than my father.

At the age of 20

I made my opinion that my father is from another world who cannot go with the modern world.

At the age of 25

I felt that now, I should not consult my father regarding my work as he has got the habit of finding faults in everything.

At the age of 30

I felt that my father has now learnt to work according to my style, and therefore his advice can be taken on small things.

At the age of 35

I started feeling that I must consult my father on important issues also.

At the age of 45

I realized that I should not do anything without consulting my father, and that all my feelings after the age of 15 were wrong.

Now, my children have grown up. But, unfortunately, before I could implement my decision, my father had said goodbye to this world, and I was deprived of all his advice and experience.


A son realizes when he becomes a father.

A daughter realizes when she becomes a mother.

A daughter-in-law realizes when she becomes a mother-in-law.


The above lines are English translation of a Hindi pamphlet I read in a cycle showroom.


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