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I cant understand this

Updated on November 12, 2015
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Author, Writer & Blogger at ChicagoNow. Formerly Columnist for Chicago Examiner under Relationships.

Hi everyone.
Hi everyone. | Source

There is so much going on in the world right now. It's painful to sit, read, and watch it all happen. There isn't much anyone can do on certain matters. Then, there is a little something we can do on or for others. As an individual it’s up to one to stop something or help someone. We all have it in us to try to do something to help another. Don't we? Don't you? I really need to believe that there is still humanity left in the world. I can’t understand this.

I've seen so much hurt from friends, neighbors and strangers. How can we not have a slight ounce of compassion for another human being? Many of us struggle with financial, emotional & health difficulties. In some way or another most of us find a way to get through them; especially with the support from others. Please tell me HOW and I do emphasize on this word HOW can a little girl be given an illness that is so grave at such an early age of 4 years? How can you not feel the pain? The struggle she and her family are going through literally has my mind & heart thinking of so many ways to help. I can’t understand this.

When I was first informed of this little girl "Jaeleen" illness; my heart fell to my stomach. I completely related to her emotions in ways no one could understand. She is my special little friend and neighbor. Jaeleen is a beautiful little girl who is full of life. She has a smile that will melt your heart when you look at her. Jaeleen has been diagnosed with Ganglioneuroblastoma and is currently under treatment. Here is her story. I can’t understand this.

The action a mother took from the very publicized murder of a Chicago boys donated funds has put many doubts to respectful generous donors. This is sad & unfortunate for those who truly do need funding. It’s the actions of greedy or disturbed people in the world that make it difficult to see the “Good” in others. I and her family will not lose faith that there are people willing to help despite it all.

Since the day Jaeleen has been diagnosed she has received thousands of prayers, dolls to comfort her, balloons to make her smile and endless love & support from family, friends and even strangers who have taken time to care. Seeing this, reading the comments in her group Pray4Jae gives me the answers I seeked on humanity and simply caring. Today the family will be told what stage she is in and I can only continue to pray for this little angel & her family. Power of prayer does wonders.

As a writer there are no correct or perfect words to express this entire situation. All I can do is write what I feel. The emotions I know she and her family are experiencing and share with the rest of the world to please help in any way, shape or form. Allow Jaeleen to see that there is kindness in the world that she will grow up to believe in.

I can’t understand why this is happening to this little angel & family but will continue to pray that they no longer have to endure anymore suffering.

Thank you for reading, caring, sharing & donating. #Pray4Jae


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