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I have Heard About Dead Beat Dads, But What About the Dead Beat Moms?

Updated on February 11, 2012

Dead Beat Moms

Scary Picture of a Dead Beat Mom Isn't it?

Leaving home at a very early age has caused me to see many things some of which were quite frightening now that I look back on them. But none as frightening as my acquaintance with one dead beat mom in particular. She is 31 years old and has three kids who she never see's, nor visits, nor does she send gifts at Christmas time. She never sends birthday cards, she doesn't even call and wish her kids a happy birthday on their special day.

I have had the pleasure of talking to this young lady on many different occasions, I asked her why she never comes and visits her children? and she told me because they are not her children, but that she has given them up to her mother to raise, so that makes them her mothers kids and not hers.

Yet when she speaks to her friends and her lover she classifies the children as hers and that disturbs me, so I asked her why she only claims the children when it is convenient for her? and she told me because it makes me look good. So I also asked her why won't she support her children financially considering she has a job and gets almost 65 hours a week, and she told me because she has to support her boyfriend and his kids and she can't afford to support anyone else.

She also told me that she had to have new shoes and cloths so that she looks good when she goes to work, All I could say was wow, the nerve of her. she has no consideration for her mother who is struggling with her three kids, she has no intentions on helping her mother financially with shoes, or cloths for her kids and that the man she lives with is more important to her then her own kids are.

Now that is really sad considering one day these children will be all grown up and will surely need counseling, because of the damage that she is causing them by not participating in their lives while they are still young. You see this young lady has a very bad drug habit, she smokes crack cocaine and has smoked crack every since the children were born, in fact these children were all born crack babies, and they now are exhibiting the effects of crack being in their system from birth.

It took some time before the symptoms started to show themselves, but these children each have traces of the drugs in them, for instance the oldest one who is a boy of 12 years old has behavioral problems, he's started to lie and steal from his teachers and other children and even his grandmother who is raising him.

The other two children who are ages 6 and 9 are also exhibiting after effects of this powerful crack drug in their systems too, for instance the 9 year old has been acting out since he was three years old. He's tried to stab his grandmother several times, and since he has been of school age he has bitten his teachers, kicked them in their private areas and was suspended from school for an entire school year, because the teachers didn't know how to handle him.

The six year old child has ADD and can't sit still for one moment, she runs around like a cat who has a cloths pin on his tail, she talks a great deal and cries all the time, you can't say anything to her or else she will cry. If you ask her to please sit down she cry's. I mean she crys for every little thing. All three children are now on some type of mental drugs to keep them under control and stabilized, and to lower the amount of emotional outburst that they have.

The young mother evades paying child support by constantly moving and not staying in one place to long, by the time the child support division catches up to her, she will stop working and find employment getting paid under the table to avoid paying child support.

Her drug habit means more to her then her own children do, and she doesn't hesitate to tell you that. At one point she wished her 6 year old daughter dead, and I heard her say that with my own ears. It is really awe full of her to not care about their own children, which she give birth to. All of her children's fathers were drug dealers, this she told me herself, so in order for her to get drugs she slept with the drug dealer, and the children were the end results of the relationships for drugs.

Young people really should stop and think about the things that they do in the dark, because everything that is done in the dark will eventually come to light. They should never have children unless they are ready to except the responsibility for them, because it makes someone else have to put their lives on hold to raise someone else's children and that's not fair either.

To all the young people out their abstinence is the best policy, but if you should find yourself in a situation or if you are sexually active, then please use protection, and remember once you have conceived you have actually taken on the responsibility of being an adult and you must be responsible for your own actions.

Remember for every action, their is a reaction and you must live with the consequences.

Thank you so very much for reading my article, and if you should find it interesting then please vote on this hub.

Stay Blessed

Sincerely, Viv Darling


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