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Reading Is Fundamental

Updated on May 28, 2015


Last night my son was awarded because he read his word goal. The school initiated a program called I Can Read. Each child had to take a word count that they would reach by June. My son's word count was 90,000 and some change his actual word count was 527,000 and some change. In today's society reading is not of importance to family, children, to home life, to street life to no one or nothing. I think this is such a shame that we are not taking more time out of our lives in order to give children a skill that they will need the rest of there lives. Reading is the number 1 thing you will always have to do. You have to be able to read in order to drive to get a job to even order food.

I am so proud of Roots International Academy for seeing a need and doing something about it. The fact that they took the time to initiate, follow through, and complete the program is a great thing. The fact that they recognize the kids and give them a medal with there name on it say I CARE WHAT YOU MAKE OUT OF YOUR LIFE is a wonderful thing an a lot of children are not getting that at home. Thank you Roots for caring. More families, teachers, staff and villages need to CARE for the children. My son is not just my son, he is your son too!

Instead of letting these kids become another statistic do something about it. Give them a book, make a game out of it, do like the school did a give them a word goal to reach in a certain amount of time an award them with something small like a dinner or something just to say I'm proud of you keep up the good work. Next time you have a baby shower, birthday party, or any special occasion that involves you having to bring a gift for a kid make it a book. Weather or not if it's paper back, hard cover, soft cover, or kindle keep the gift of reading going.

My son who does not care for outings like this very much had a great time he told me this morning and that to me said HE WAS PLEASED THAT WE CARED ENOUGH TO ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. BE SOME CHILD'S INSPIRATION TODAY AND WATCH WHAT YOU CAN DO.

To say the least I AM SO PROUD OF MY SON for doing what needed to be done to better enhance his life. Do you know that only 16% of Roots Scholars was reading at or above grade level. That meant more than 80% of the students was reading below grade level. That is such a shame an my son was one of the students that was below grade level. Needless to say that has now changed. He is reading at grade level with the help of family, friends, Kumon learning center and the village that I have been blessed with. Thank you Jesus for being in my right mind so that I can keep my kid's on the right track to success.




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