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Updated on July 13, 2009

Below are some typical signs of child abuse:

1.   Visible marks such as bruises welt, burns, scars and fractures.

2.   The child may be tired, uneasy, irritable, the result of not getting enough rest and food.

3.   Child like mannerisms (similar to those displayed by much younger children) such as thumb sucking, soiling of pants, tempers tantrums.

4.   The child may start clinging to an adult for emotional support and may be quite fearful of adults.

5.   Very low self-esteem and may start having problems at school.

6.   Dirty clothing and unpleasant body odor. Lack of basic health care such as dental work, glasses and hearing aid.

7.   May  show extreme  behavior such  as  aggressiveness,  destructive, hyperactive or shyness or may not display any emotion at all.

8.   May be reluctant to leave day care center or school.

9.   To summarize judge the following signs or indicators of child abuse. Observe carefully and assess the situations:

•          Sleep disturbances

•          Loss of appetite

•          Behavior change

•          Bed-wetting

•          Clinging

•          Fear of adults

•          Not wanting to go home

•          Regression

•          Depression


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    • profile image

      KellyEngaldo 8 years ago

      Also if the child is very quiet - take special note. Extreme shyness is also another factor. These are important signs for adults to know to PROTECT children.

      Important subject - good layout - simply and straightforward.

      The WHY is critical - we as adults must PROTECT children.