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How to Keep Your Child Busy During School Breaks

Updated on December 3, 2012

Spring Break!

Shout for Joy! It's Spring Break!
Shout for Joy! It's Spring Break!

Spring Break

My kids were so excited for a week of spring break with mommy this year. My 4 yr old is attending school full time this year and is very jealous of all the time that my 3yr old is getting to spend with mommy.

Now to keep me and the boys from going stir crazy at home during the week. Here are some ideas to keep you active and busy during spring break.

At the zoo, brushing a goat
At the zoo, brushing a goat
Waiting for food  at ChooChoo's
Waiting for food at ChooChoo's

1. Zoo

We went to the zoo yesterday because it was supposed to be beautiful out. It was and it was super crowded, in fact I have never seen the zoo so crowded before. We still had a good time and the kids were exhausted before we left. We packed a lunch and water bottles in order to save some money. This is a trip that is made even cheaper if you purchased those yearly zoo passes

2. Park

I always made sure to take the kids to the parks that are a little farther away and we don't normally get too. The big parks with the awesome equipment, like the wooden ones that are built like a castle.

3. Library

I admit both of my kids are book worms and love the library, we don't get there are much as I would like because my 3 yr old is at a stage where he thinks it is funny to hide from me and there are way too many times I end up chasing him around.

4. Play Groups

Our church has a weekly playgroup in the gym, it was wonderful this week to see a lot of the mom who work and teacher moms come join us with their kiddos.

5. That Special Resturant

We have a great kids restaurant that is called ChooChoos near us where the food is brought out my a train. This is one of my kids favorite places and they don't get to go there that often so this is a special treat.

6. Board Games

I am not a game person, I indulge unwillingly most of the time. This week I set aside several hours for playing board games with the kids on a rainy day.

7. Movie Day

Whether renting or watching movies you already own we decided to have a movie day on one particularly rainy day. We make snuggle nets on the couch, popped some popcorn, and sat down for our showing.

8. Craft Time

We always set aside some time to get artsy and crafty. Whatever craft you decide to do remember to allow the kids to get some creative time in.

9. Dance Party

Turn up the tunes and start dancing. The kids will get some energy out even if they are stuck inside and you can burn some calories. Just make sure the neighbors can't see you being too silly. Oh well I forgot to close the shades and they already think I am a little loopy.

10. Indoor Play Set

Rainbow Play Systems near us allows some play time at their indoor showroom. They had a Groupon out a month ago for several play sessions. We will never be able to fit one of those sets in our tiny backyard so my kids love being able to go there every once in awhile and dream.

11. Bike Rides

Up and down the sidewalk a hundred and ten times. I have been known to pull out a lawn chair and my kindle while the boys ride up and down within viewing distance.

12. Toy Time

We seem to have a lot of toys that don't always get played with simply because there are so many of them and time restraints in getting things out. My kids have a huge set of train tracks, let's just say that my entire house is currently a train system.

13. Sledding/ Skiing

Depending on your weather you might have snow left to ski or sled. This year we are unseasonably warm but in past years sledding during spring break has been possible.

14. Ice Skating

We can head over to the local rink to skate around and teach the youngest to skate.

15. Swimming

If you live anywhere near us this will most likely be an indoor activity. We can head to the local pool for a few dollars and gets a few hours in at the pool. The beginning of this break we headed to a wedding and stayed in a hotel for a few days where the boys loved to swim.

16. Unique Opportunities

Check your area for unique places that you don't normally think about. We have a place called FireZone that allows kids to pretend to be firefighters. They mostly do birthday parties but they also have times when the public can come in and play.

17. Children's Museums

Get the kids going and moving at the children's museums. They allow a great deal of hands on activities that will have kids using their brains and their bodies. Remember to check for local library for discounted passes.

18. Spring Cleaning

We make this into a game but we do spend a few hours every break gong through and organizing toys that the kids have and ones that they are ready to pass on to other boys and girls. We use a big black bag to put the toys that are going to new homes so that once they are inside they are out of sight and out of mind.

19. A Big Puzzle

This one is currently taking over my coffee table in the living room and is taking several days to complete. We are almost finished with it but the kids keep coming back to it whenever they feel like. This is one of those activities that has allowed me to keep the house in somewhat of an order while the kids work on the puzzle.

20. Soccer

If you have read my other posts you know soccer is the main sport in our house, maybe yours is another sports. The point is get out and play, stay active, and have fun.

Keeping the Kids Busy

The goal of spring break for me is to keep the kids busy and make sure I don't hear the whining that they are bored. I try to get in activities that will leave them exhausted and ready for a nap or bed. Yesterday's zoo trip left me begging for my bed while the kids slept the entire way home.These are just a few ideas to keep your kids active and busy this spring break.


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