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If I could show you the way

Updated on July 22, 2011

Our precious son

Believe it in your heart

The best part of life is feeling needed and wanted. We all have a sense of obligation and a desire to be part of something greater than who we are as an individual. Our lives revolve around our family, our loved ones, our work responsibilities and our friends. We often find joy in bonding with our family, especially our children. I feel that we all are on a path that we are not always certain of but we continue to do all we hope to with our family uppermost in our mind. Our children are our guiding force in all that we plan and all that we do from the day they come into our life and touch our hearts.

It is every parents wish to instill in their children feelings of confidence, self worth, self respect, respect for others, happiness, hope and optimism. Our children are our legacy and we would be lying if we did not admit to wanting them to have better than what we have or envisioning some of our hopes and dreams to be enjoyed by them. We do find that our children provide us a sense of joy and we do live through them in many ways. From the time they are born we just feel so blessed to have them become the centerpiece in our lives. We were content before becoming parents but once we took our first glimpse at our son we felt like our life was truly touched by God and by our precious little Matty. He had the cutest little face and such tiny little hands and feet and he was ours. We knew we had a tremendous responsibility ahead of us and we were ready for it and we welcomed it with open arms. There is something very special when you hold your baby close to your chest and feel them breathing and hear them make baby sounds. It is such an incredible joy that we all wish to cherish throughout our lives.

We all know that life is always moving forward and we experience many highs and lows along the way as we raise our children and deal with what comes our way. We must always be strong and supportive in our lives and do the best we can and live each day with a vision, a hope, a dream and deserved joy knowing that we have another day to share with our family, especially our children and our loved ones. There is no greater bond then that of a mother and her newborn baby. That is a relationship that is the most sentimental and card companies such as Hallmark have capitalized on this beautiful image since the beginning of time. Another very special relationship is that of a father to their son or daughter. To me being a father is my most important role in life and I am always working on being the best I can be to my son. My son is my world and it is because of him I feel such joy. I admit I am not perfect but I will do all I can for my son and will provide him with the love, support and nurturing he deserves with my beautiful wife, his beloved mother by my side. She is the glue that keeps us all together despite the setbacks we have experienced in the throws of autism.

I have learned many things as a father and in raising a son on the autism spectrum and the one thing I have come to realize in raising a special needs son is that no matter how hard it may seem to get you must always hold on to hope and believe in your child and know in your heart that they will be fine and will have the same chances and opportunities as their peers. Our son is no different, in fact he is special in that he has a gift that if properly channelled can lead him on a path to great things. He certainly has the potential and the capability and we will try our best to help bring it front and center to enable him to develop to be the best that he can be. It is our responsibility and our obligation to our child and we will stand by him every day to help make his life the more special.

When I think back to the day our son was born I remember having so many things go through my mind and the first person I called to share the wonderful news with was my dad. He was always there for me and he taught me so many things along with my mom. I felt very sad that I could not share this joy with her but was delighted that my dad could be a part of the celebration. He was a great role model and taught me how I should be as a dad in his actions and how he took care of the family. He was my inspiration and I had some big shoes to fill if I was going to be anything like him which was what I was striving for so our son would stand to benefit. I was also glad my dad was here to see our son and to celebrate being a grandfather for the 7th time between my sisters families and our family.

Knowing my son has challenges as an autistic child makes me realize how important it is to be there for him and to help show him the way and teach him to believe in himself and to never lose heart. It is so important that he know this and for us to always be there for him and to constantly encourage him and provide him love and support always. From the first day he was born I made the promise that I would always be there for him or find a way to because I am and will always be a father who loves his son. My Matty is my shining beacon and it is him who gives me strength to face another day. It is his smile that makes it all worth it. Thank you Maria and Thank you Matty and Thank you God.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you Rooskaya, that is very kind of you. I write with emotion and speak how I feel. I appreciate your beautiful comment.

    • Rooskaya profile image


      7 years ago from Russia

      Thanks for a wonderful hub. You've explained the relationship of a father and son in a very emotional and beautiful manner. I wish you all a happy and healthy life.


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