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If I had the courage....

Updated on March 19, 2014

Not a Nice Person

So I'm banging on the computer,
knowing everyone wants to go home,
but I don't.

My kids have no say.
They have to wait on me unless they
want to take the bus.

The one I'm really 'fixing' is Dahlia.
And I shouldn't be doing it.

But I'm doing it.

I'm sitting in my husband, Don's, office. He tries to talk to me in his sweet voice.
I don't even look at him any more.
He's hideous to my eyes.
What did I see in him?
Okay, he wasn't that grotesque when we married; he being thirty six and me being eighteen and I think that was his prime...
But he's sixty now.

He is overweight, those hideous warts on his face, his hair thin and grey. He is repulsive to me. I hate to look at him.

Don is taking our youngest child, Joey, to the park. He's trying to bond.
Isn't that nice?
Our eldest son is over there. I doubt Don has spoken to Jeff as a father would for the past twenty years. Fred, who is pacing, tired from his long High School Day, never even got two years of attention.

Twenty years ago Don couldn't keep his pants on.
He had lovers all over the City.
I was home with two small boys, pregnant with their sister, Mandy.

Twenty years ago, a life time; I was a twenty two year old middle aged woman.

A woman who could not leave.

Bringing me to Dahlia

Dahlia had been married to Bryan.
He was just like Don, but there
was one small difference.

Dahlia had married him when she
was twenty two and he was twenty

And the first time Bryan didn't
come home at night, Dahlia
sent their two sons to his mother
and went on with her life without him.

I knew Bryan well, he had been Don's Best Friend. Dahlia had long left him when I came into the story. I couldn't believe she had been in school with Don, for she looked ten years younger.

She looked....

I glance at her sitting on the chair waiting for me to stop banging on the computer. Dahlai has no transportation. I'm to drive her home. Isn't that nice? That is why she is waiting for me to go to the car, to drive to Mandy's school and collect her. Her last class was over thirty minutes ago. I should have left forty minutes ago. But I didn't.

I didn't and could blame Dahlia....


I know Bryan's version of the story. Know that they divorced before I met Don. I know that Dahlia did have a lover at some point between then and now. But Dahlia is a size one, and I can bearly squeeze into a nine.

Dahlia is usually happy and relaxed, and I am usually angry and tired.

She works in the same building as Don and since her accident isn't driving, so that's why I'm the chauffeur.

I like her, don't get me wrong. I do like her. But I also hate her.
Hate her for looking younger and happier than I do.
Hate her for having the courage to have walked out of a bad marriage.


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