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If only we are aware of His love

Updated on April 25, 2016

Awareness is defined in Oxford Dictionary as knowledge or perception of a situation or fact. Furthermore, it is a concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development. Awareness is birthed when there is an amount of knowledge about something and it grows as knowledge also grows. Awareness delivers expectancy and aims prevention at the same time anticipation. Awareness gives power.

An individual fully aware of the penalty of breaking the laws will never attempt to violate it. He will pay heed to it. However, an individual ignorant of the law will fail to obey the rules and could end up being punished or sentenced in a prison.

Awareness is as foretelling; well informed of what will or could take place. Thus it is a power. A power to control what will or could happen to you and to the people or things around you. It is a choice and a decision to go to affirmative results or detrimental outcome.

An individual, not fully aware of his health condition will continue to do or eat what he is used to. But right after being told and advised by the doctor, he has an option; to follow the doctor’s prescription or to persist the activity he is up to or to resume the way he’s living. Certainly, there are two things bound for him: to get better or worse.

On the other side, awareness could also lead to fear and loss of confidence in some situations. An individual highly conscious of his weakness, every time he’s facing the same incident, there will be a warfare inside of him if he’s going to make it, if it’s still worth trying for, until when he’s going to make an attempt, how many ridicule will he receive after this.

Just like that individual, all of us have fear inside of us. It could be in the area of our health, skills or capabilities, financial capacity, emotional sphere. No one is ever free from this. And if we will let our fears to overwhelm us nothing will ever happen to us. Thus, it is necessary to let us not fear manipulate us and dictate us what to do.

All of us have different environments growing up, thru experience we become the person we are now and by the decision we turned out to be the designer of our destiny. The good news is if we are aware that there is Someone up above who loves us dearly, whose affection for us is unfathomable, who genuinely care for us and who wants nothing for us but to lavish His love and give us what we desires.

Fears, yes might consume us and eat our hopes and kill the confidence in us but worry not and start being aware of His love. Yes. He cares for us. Haven’t He sent His only begotten Son for us to be saved? Isn’t it a convincing evident for His unconditional love?

If we are only aware that He will never leave us nor forsake us and He will deliver us. I don’t think that there is a place of fear in us. Fear is not from the Lord for what comes from Him is peace. He said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. Worry not for this will not add a single day to us.

Like a toddler learning to walk, is he afraid? No. Since he knows very well that behind him is He’s dad, guiding him, teaching him, leading him. If he falls or trips his daddy will catch him. He knows, so he is assured, and so he is brave to take another step until he can walk by himself.

God, our Creator is our Father. He is there for us no matter what. He cries with us when we are in tears and wipes them. He is joyful when we are happy and even so proud in every single step we take in our lives. His love for us is something immeasurable that’s why it can’t be quantified. Any instruments could not ascertain the size or amount for it is more than HUGE or MASSIVE. It can never be explained.

If you see your life that has a God who is always with you, will you be then afraid? Will be you assured? Yes. Imagine what God can do to you. It takes faith. And believe it like no other because it’s the truth that is honest, pure, genuine and beneficial.

Keep yourself aware of His love and see where life takes you. Of course keep trusting Him on your journey.


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