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If you don't report abused/neglected children, you are just as much to blame!

Updated on February 27, 2013

What you see is what you get

I've heard many stories in my (almost) 37 years, about children being abused and neglected. These stories are highlighted in the news, in newspapers, and these children are our neighbors. I've also known a couple of people who have lost their children to the state and Foster Care, due to neglect and abusive situations, and typically drug use by the parents. I've spoken with people that had lost their children, forever, because they couldn't/wouldn't commit themselves to a better life in order to parent their own babies.

This is an unbelievably sad epidemic in this country. Mothers and fathers dumping their newborns in garbage dumpsters behind unlit buildings in the middle of the night. New parents dropping their children off at hospital Emergency Rooms within 72 hours after their births, by parents who have chosen not to take responsibility. We've all heard the heart-wrenching stories of babies being left on peoples front porches in the dark of night, sometimes with a note from the parents, sometimes nothing.

I personally have called Child Protective Services on a few people in my lifetime because I knew for a fact that the children were in danger. I saw it with my own eyes, therefore I did what God would expect anyone to do in that situation, I made it known that these children were living in unloving, horrifying, disgusting, and abusive conditions. I never felt bad for once second, after all I was trying to save the children some sadness, I could care less about the parent, they are adults, they make their own choices, the children have no choice. They didn't choose to be born to some drug-addicted, selfish, greedy, invalid that could care less about their well-being.


Why should I involve myself in their business?

Let me ask you this, how could you sleep at night knowing an innocent child was being neglected and/or abused, and do nothing? I couldn't.

Many people don't want to get involved in other peoples busines. They don't want to seem like a tattle tale or nosy. In many cases the parents are drug addicts and someone who may want to call CPS on them, is worried that the parents will retaliate. They deem that they can't afford that type of attention on themselves because they're either afraid, or they're dug addicts themselves.

I don't care who you are, if you see children living in these in conditions, in squalor, in filth, amidst obvious drug-addicts and others who could care less about the welfare of these children, you call the police or CPS. They will make sure these children get the attention they need. Sometimes it takes a couple of different people to call CPS on one family, or the situation has to be very serious for them to do something immediately. But if you know something is wrong and children are at risk, you do everything you can to help them. You recruit others whom you know have been in the home, to call CPS as well. The more information they have, the quicker they will respond. But of course like so many other agencies, one bad apple ruined the whole bunch so they have to make sure you're not some scorned ex-boyfriend/girlfriend just trying to cause drama in the parents lives.

If your story is legitimate enough and you have some type of proof of the living conditions of these children, you must act! NOW!


Signs of abuse that should lead you to take action:

  • Children that are always outside playing, rarely with adults, if ever.
  • Do they look sad? Are they always staring at the ground? Do they have a hard time playing with other kids?
  • Are their clothes soiled, do they have bruises? If you see bruises on a child often, this is more than likely abuse and should not be taken lightly. Try to speak to the parents but if they come up with some lame story like, "she fell", pay attention to the chid and the parent. Children don't fall every day and they don't bruise from it every time. Use your gut, your heart will eventually pick up on these little things.
  • Pay attention to their yards, do they have toys, are they dirty, are they ever picked up?
  • Who are the people that hang out at their homes? I'm not saying you should completely judge somebody based on tattoos or the car they drive, but what is the traffic at the home like? Are there people going in and out all hours of the night? Have you witnessed arguments, the law, or any other suspicious activity at the home?
  • Have you spoken with the children or parents and had bad feelings or intuitions about the situation? Do they seem to be lying about certain issues, how do they present themselves? I think most of us can tell when we're being lied to, especially if we're watching the situation closely and already have those intuitions.
  • Once you know the names of the parents, do a background check on them. Yes, many people can change, but many people don't. Have they been accused of abuse or do they have an extensive criminal background?
  • At some point, try to get them to invite you into their home, or if their child is wandering the streets alone or without an adult, bring the child home and try to sneak a peak at their living conditions. What do you see?
  • If you see filth and mess and insects and there are bad odors coming from the home, they're more than likely being neglectful and not taking care of their children.
  • Do you rarely ever see the children? Are they locked up in the home? So many times I've seen stories on television about children that are locked in rooms while their parents do drugs and live their lives, and they're rarely let out. They're left to urinate and defacate on themselves, they eat the carpet and wood from the floors and door jambs. This seems outrageous but it is not. It's happeneing somewhere almost every day.

If you witness these conditions, what will you do about it?

If you witnessed abuse or neglect, would you contact the law?

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    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Savvy-thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm sorry that you had to do that to your aunt but the way I see it is that they bring it on themselves. And I'm happy that she didn't hold a grudge, maybe she saw that there was a real reason behind it and maybe she learned something from it. Thanks for reading:)

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      I once called Protective Services on my aunt. I picked up the receiver of the telephone and hung up about three times before I finally made the call. My aunt doesn't live in squalor, and the children always have plenty to eat, but she and her children were always at each others throats, day in and day out.

      One day my aunt stepped over the line and hit my cousin hard. Hard enough that people noticed the bruise or cut (I don't remember which). Well, whatever it was, it was horrible. So I picked up my young cousin (she was about 13) and kept her at my home for 24 hours, to give my aunt a chance to calm down. Since then, they've received counseling, (Protective Services saw to it) which has helped their situation. However, being that both parties are extremely poor communicators, their family life will never be ideal. Strangely, my aunt never held it against me for what I did. At any rate, I could not let their situation get any further out of hand. Ignoring a child's pain is unacceptable.

      Thank you for a very useful hub. I hope more people will take your advice, and not be afraid to protect abused children. By the way, my cousin is now a young adult who lives with a roommate. This makes it better for both mother and daughter.

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thank you so much Vicki I really appreciate and respect your comments, always. I agree some parents do care more about their dogs. After all, look at all the stories u hear about people literally putting children in dog kennels, it's tragic!! I'll check for your other comment I'm sorry if I missed it. Have a great day hon!

    • profile image

      Vickiw 4 years ago

      Hello Jamie, I know you are really passionate about this, and so am I. Children need great advocates like you! It is tragic how many of them are at risk in their home situations. I think very often that it seems so many people have more interest in their dogs than in their young children.

      By the way, I left another comment on your last Hub that you may not have seen. I think of you often. Voted up

    • MissJamieD profile image

      MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

      Thanks peachpurple. I've heard from so many different people in the past that they don't want to get involved, or that the state won't do anything, but I refuse to accept those excuses. Thanks for reading and commenting:)

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      yes, i would contact the authority for action taken against the abusers. Children are innocent and leaving them alone would create traumas and violence in their mind. Voted up