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I'm 14 And Pregnant - How Do I Tell My Parents?

Updated on October 10, 2013

If you are 14 and pregnant, you probably are scared to death of what your parents will say. Don’t worry - you aren’t the only one who has gotten pregnant at such a young age. We have seen girls become pregnant even at the age of nine. There have also been rare occurrences where kids are pregnant before they reach age nine. Just look up the list of youngest birth mothers in the Wikipedia. One of the most astonishing cases was 5 year old Lina Medina from Lima, Peru who had given birth by cesarean section. Although you may think this is impossible, the medical science behind this indicates that she was in the middle of a precocious puberty. Basically, the glands are activated much sooner than the time of usual puberty.

Just found out im pregnant - Now what?

The first thing you will want to do is visit a free clinic. Have a friend drive you or someone that you can trust. You don’t need to tell your parents right away. Talk with the Dr. first about your problem and let him/her know that you are terrified of telling your parents. The Dr. will be able to appoint you with a counselor you can take to in the hospital. They’ll let you know how to talk to your parents. This advice is very important to know, especially if they don’t know how you will react. Here are a few things you need to do after discovering you are pregnant:

  • Get a checkup at the hospital to see how the baby is.

  • Have a discussion with your Dr.

  • Request counseling at a nearby clinic or hospital.

  • Call a pregnancy hotline for teens or kids.

  • Make the decision if you want to keep the baby or not.

One of the hardest parts about becoming pregnant and knowing you will not be able to take care of the baby is deciding if you should keep the baby. While you should never opt for abortion, your parents may have another idea for you. By telling them, they will be able to find loving parents for your child.

Remember that this is not your fault. You may have done some things that you aren’t proud of and you are scared of the consequences. If an adult or someone you know who is much older than you has coaxed you into having sexual intercourse with them, you need to tell your parents immediately. They will not be mad at you since it is the fault of the man who got you pregnant. Older men know exactly what they are doing and it is completely wrong for them to take advantage of you. It is also illegal for a minor to engage in intercouse with anyone over eighteen so be sure to speak up. He is most likely doing this with other girls as well.

How to tell my parents im pregnant

The first thing you need to do before telling your parents is seeing what type of mood they are in. Make sure they are in a decent mood before telling them this news. Of course they will be mad, but by hiding it - they will know sooner or later what’s going on and you will be in even more trouble.

If you have been raped or taken advantage of in any way, shape, or form - you need to tell them right away. This is very serious and the boy you were with will face the consequences. Often, girls become confused and don’t know what to do after discovering they are pregnant.

Whatever you do, never try to harm your baby or have a miscarriage. There is a chance that your parents will want to keep the baby for you. There are many parents who understand because some of them have gone through the same thing when they were young, although they may not have told you.

Leading psychiatrists have found that a pregnant girl who is thirteen and up is at an increased risk of suicide. Despite your parent’s anger or distress when finding out you are pregnant, they would forever stay mad at themselves if you had killed yourself. There is too much that life has to offer you. Besides, you don’t know how your parents will react and if you were to do this, they would miss you dearly. Think of the people you love first because chances are, it will affect them more than the anxiety you are going through now.

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Very first signs of pregnancy

There are a lot of ways to know you are pregnant without a test, however, it is a good idea to go to the store and buy one. If you are afraid of going alone, visit a free clinic to have a test done. Let the clinic know that your parents aren’t aware of what is going on. A hospital does not have the right to tell your parents and it is against privacy terms. Here are some signs that you may be pregnant.

  • The dreaded feeling of “morning sickness” where you feel as if you want to vomit. Some girls will often throw up every morning. Others do not, although they feel sick.

  • You notice your belly is bigger than it was before and you know you haven’t been eating more.

  • Sense of smell is heightened, especially around certain foods. You might feel sick when you smell your favorite foods.

  • Bizarre food cravings that you have never had before.

  • Feeling extremely fatigued although you get a good night rest.

These are a few things that you will run into during pregnancy. Don’t be worried though, most women go through these things in the middle of their pregnancy. Tell your mom or dad as soon as possible.


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    • webdesignsbyapw profile image

      webdesignsbyapw 4 years ago from Petaluma, CA

      Yeah, 14 is way too young to have a child - I mean, you are still considered a child at that age. Hopefully, this article helps a few young girls out there who are struggling in this position..

    • Your Cousins profile image

      Your Cousins 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Good advice for handling a tough challenge. 14 is so young to take on the responsibility of being a parent, especially without the baby's dad pitching in to help out.