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I'm Floating On A Rainbow Membrane of A Bubble freshly Blown

Updated on March 22, 2019


© 2017-MFB III-
ArtWhimsically Yours Studio 

Birds sing,
bees hum,
children squeal
kittens run
tires whir,
trees sway,
to the winds
softest whistle
each twig

sneakers squeak
babies coo,
old men creak
rain goes rat-a-tat-tat
umbrellas whoosh
cats howl, cars growl,
wet socks go squoosh.

The sun beats down,
while thunder rumbles
a rainbow bends colors
in gasps of delight
nature speaks,
in a jumble
of its most
wondrous sights
as I stand humbled
silent in great awe
of this concert around me
upon which I've stumbled

A balloon escapes
from a tots
sticky fingers......
Much like Spring
it is here
but a short time
it lingers
as a bright
bag of essence
that sails
in bright pastel colors,
that so gracefully hover

over winterscapes so pale

Spring uncoils
in lazy lengths of green
polka dotted with dandelions
across backyards serene
where birds squat on clotheslines
to drip dry from the rains
chirping whatever silly
song comes to their brains

It's a silly
kind of moment,
as Spring break
cracks me up
while nonsensical rantings
from my head interrupt
like the rainfall that came
and then ended abrupt
even poets fall prey
to enchantment that plays
in the warm breezes lilt
across such sunny days
that are prematurely granted
to all once housebound
who now venture outside
as the rains settle down.

It is here
I dance nimbly
ever so lightly
through these
puddles refractions
with their splish-splash
bygone days are
reflected with
each bare foot's extractions

I'm floating
on a rainbow membrane
of a bubble freshly blown
sailing high above
the snows
long since melted far below
as I bask in the sun's glow

of a season I love so.


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