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Immature Kindergartner

Updated on June 3, 2015

Signs Your Child Is Immature

Your child is fixing to start school and you are wondering if they are ready. Or your child has started and your teacher informs you that your child is more immature than the rest of the children. Your heart crushes and the first thought that comes to your mind is denial. There is no way your child is immature. They are only 5 years old.

So, I have decided to compile a list for you to browse to see if your child really is more immature than other children their age.

Signs of Immaturity For Kindergartners

These are Social and Emotional Development signs that your child may be viewed as immature if they lack these abilities.

  • Able to share materials with others.
  • Can use the restroom alone.
  • Takes turns with others.
  • Knows and respects other peoples property.
  • Seeks help when needed.
  • Smiles and seems happy the majority of the time.
  • Can express anger with words not actions.
  • Separates from parents with ease.
  • Is polite and courteous.
  • Listens when others speak without interrupting continuously.
  • Keeps hands to their self.
  • Attempts to put on their own coat/jacket.
  • Helps classmates clean up when play time is over.
  • Knows how to use proper table manners.

My Child IS Immature

Oh no my child does not qualify with one thing on this list. Calm down Mom and Dad it will be okay. Many children lack one of these when they start school. It will be okay just work with them in this area and they will improve. Most children adapt fairly well in school and fix a lot of these issues on their own. My son didn't know when it was not proper to interrupt the teacher. He always asked for food(he was a growing boy come on people). It is also something he always does at home on the dot every 30 minute. No he is not obese actually a little underweight but he is ALWAYS hungry so most of his meals come from healthy snacks all day long. Once he started school he didn't know it wasn't proper to ask for food and get denied. He learned VERY quickly no matter how many times they would politely tell him no he had to wait for a certain time to come around and he would get to eat. Moral of the story he learned and no longer asks for food during class time. Though he is still the first in line for lunch.

Now sometimes kids can be a little to immature for school. These parents usually acknowledge fairly quickly that their child is immature or already know first hand. My advice would be to get your child in Day Care so they can start learning ahead of time. Many places have Head Start schools for children or even Preschool. These are just for getting your child ready for Kindergarten. My son went to Head Start followed by Kindergarten Summer School, then on to Kindergarten and it has helped him tremendously and I am happy to say that I have no fear that he will not be able to adjust.

Any questions or concerns feel free to comment and I will try to help.

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