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Importance of Adjustment in Family Relationships

Updated on November 18, 2009


Your parents provide you with food, clothing and other necessities of life. They also give you many other things that are equally important. It is in our homes, living with others as a family, that we find our greatest joys. Our homes provide us with love and affection. They give us many social, recreational, and educational advantages as possible. They give us a sense of security. It is through family living that we are able to secure the best things in life.

Everything goes pretty smoothly in most families most of the time. You also know that family life can be very complicated. Getting along happily with your father and mother, your brother and sisters, isn't always easy. There are times, no doubt, when you and your parents don't agree. When these conflicts arise, you may get discouraged. Sometimes you feel your parents don't understand you, that they lack confidence in your judgment.

There are many causes of conflict and misunderstanding between parents and teenage children. In the first place as you grow older you are becoming more independent. You go less to your parents with your problems. This is only natural. Every normal boy and girl wants to grow up and to assert himself or herself as an individual. But, in asserting your independence, you probably do so at times in such a way that your parents do not understand you. They are puzzled by this change in your conduct. As a result, conflicts may develop.

Another cause of misunderstanding is the fact that your interests and outlook on life are somewhat different from.your parents. You are active and crave thrills and excitement. Your parents are inclined to be more conservative. This does not mean that they are "kill joys." It simply means that their enthusiasm for the things that you are interested in is not as great as yours. If your parents seem to be cautious about some of the activities which appeal to you, it is because they know from experience the dangers connected with them. They want you to benefit from their experience and not make the mistakes they have seen others make.

Your parents are anxious for you to grow up to be a mature individual in every respect. They don't want to interfere with your independence. If you give them a chance to understand your point of view, they will usually do so. It is only when you disappoint them or when your behavior seems unbecoming that they become deeply concerned about your conduct.

You can contribute a great deal toward making your home an ideal place in which to live. There are no hard and fast rules to tell each person what he owes to his family. But the most important thing here is that you must learn to assume your share of responsibilities.


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