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Impress Your Girl Friend's Dad

Updated on July 8, 2014

Control Your Nerves

Yes, you are nervous and it’s natural to feel that way. However, if you are nervous, you’ll probably give out negative vibes. You may even end up saying stuff you don’t mean. So, you need to control your nervousness. Meditation works wonders to get into a calmer frame of mind. If this is not your cup of tea, try a long walk or even jogging. The extra oxygen that gets into your body helps immensely in controlling your nerves. You could even try relaxation exercises, like yoga. Sometimes a simple thing like closing your eyes and deep breathing helps. Try a mental distraction, like playing with your pet, watching TV or listening to soothing music.


Dress Well

The first impression is made by what you wear. If you are visually appealing, there are higher chances of being liked by your girl friend’s dad. So, avoid any clothes that are dirty, crumpled or torn. Definitely avoid graphics. You wouldn’t want to be judged by what’s written on your T-shirt or maybe even by the football team you support. This does not mean you need to wear a jacket and tie. You can dress casually, but make sure you look presentable. You can try jeans and a plain colored, collared t-shirt. Ensure that your clothes are clean and ironed and your shoes well polished.


Take a Gift

Giving a gift triggers a positive feeling, both for the giver and the recipient. Ensure that your gift is neither too expensive nor too cheap. A great idea for gifting is carrying a box of chocolates. You can choose chocolates of different shapes, depending on what your girl friend's father likes. For instance, if he smokes, you can carry chocolate cigars. If you're not sure, consider getting a box of assorted chocolate truffles in different flavors.


Appear Confident

When you shake hands with your girl friend’s dad, ensure that your grip is firm. Also, make sure you are not sweating. Practice a nice smile and use it a lot. Speak with confidence. In fact, you can prepare a few things to say about yourself, since you are sure to be asked about your career plans and aspirations. Whenever possible, shift the conversation away from yourself. Ask questions about her dad. This not only saves you from doing all the talking, but also indicates your interest in her family.


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