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Incorporating Children's Activities Into The Daily To Do List

Updated on October 14, 2015

Missed Opportunities

Making task lists for raising a child can be a very good idea. When the daily parenting gets lost in housework, job and running errands’, having a list to look at that says to read to your child is a good idea. Mothers and fathers have limited hours in the day and there is nothing wrong with having it in writing to spend that quality time with the children.

When my children were young and I was trying to manage three toddlers and my housework, I took a small notebook and created a task list which included all my daily and weekly household chores and errands. Daily items such as: make beds, laundry, put away toys, and wash dishes. Each day I would check off the item on the list as soon as I had completed the task. I found that the list really helped me be a productive housekeeper. To be honest, some days, I would just run out of daylight and the children did not get any time to play outside. They were small and needed supervision of course, they just loved to run and play in the field next door to the house. They had balls and bats and big wheels that they took to the field with them. It was perfect for playtime, when there was time.

New and Improved List

One morning I woke up feeling a little guilty over my children missing an outdoor play time the day before. All the clothes had been washed and the floors vacuumed, but I realized my children had entertained themselves inside and unorganized while I checked off one errand after another. This morning I promised myself that I would not repeat that again. I took out my notebook with my daily errands listed and I took a fresh look at it.

I pulled out the page and began to rewrite it on a new page. The first thing on my list was make the beds. I thought for a moment and wrote the following.

  1. Wake the kids and have them help me make their beds.
  2. Prepare breakfast.
  3. Wash clothes from hamper in bathroom.
  4. Put clothes in dryer.
  5. Plan dinner and take out any meat that needs to thaw.
  6. Take the children outside for running and sunshine
  7. Run to the store for missing ingredients.
  8. Fix lunch and have picnic with the children on the back deck. Sweep deck before going into the house.
  9. Nap time for the children. Dust and Vacuum living room.
  10. Take dog and children for a nature walk. Bring paper lunch bag for collecting.
  11. Put on video for the kids while cleaning bathroom.
  12. Bring out colors and paper for children while preparing dinner.
  13. Wash dishes after dinner.
  14. Get kids ready for bath time and bed.
  15. Read bedtime story.
  16. Enjoy the rest of your evening.
  17. Take dog outside before bed.
  18. Get a good night’s sleep mommy; morning is going to come early!

Having taken these first steps I was able to tweak the “to do” list for the rest of the week. Instead of feeling like I was reducing their one on one time with their mama, I felt I was expanding it. I was looking for ways to add them to my new and improved list.

The List Is a Hit

Over the next few weeks I found myself becoming more and more clever about fitting in really fun quality time with the children and they absolutely loved the attention. They loved that they were on my list. The children would ask what was next on the list and when it was about them they would get so excited.

So if you find that you do work your best with to do lists to fit in all the chores of the day, then perhaps you too might benefit from adding in little kid friendly activities. This one step really improved my ability to entertain and encourage my children and get all my chores done along the way.

If you struggle with getting everything completed, then I would encourage making a simple “to do” list and I would also encourage you to add kid and mommy friendly, fun things to do as well. I think you will be very happy with the results just as I was.


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    • vicki goodwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sojourner McConnell 

      6 years ago from Winchester Kentucky

      Thank you for reading and voting. Perhaps to people that do not follow lists it seems silly, but it really does help fit everything in.

    • vicki goodwin profile imageAUTHOR

      Sojourner McConnell 

      7 years ago from Winchester Kentucky

      That is so true. Once they are grown, you will look back at those times with the children with such fondness.

    • Romian1 profile image


      7 years ago

      I have to postpone or prolong many housekeeping, repair, or improvement projects around the home to make time for kid's activities. It is worth it and it makes the family happy. If not, the mood of the entire family goes downhill.


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