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Increasing Your Baby's IQ

Updated on December 15, 2011

A smarter baby

This is not a complete list by any means, just a guide for parents of simple steps to help their children.

First: Breastfeed, if you can for a complete year. Independent research has shown up to a ten point increase in !Q. Even if you have to supplement occasionally keep on breastfeeding. There are now milk banks where you can buy breastmilk for your newborns. Some moms when they return to work and pump, have so much extra, they would rather share than toss it. The milk is tested before it is sold, so don't worry.

Second: Begin to read to your baby as soon as you are comfortable in your parenting role. Even three or four months old is NOT too young. Get settled in a comfortable chair, baby in your arms, and spend productive time together. The length of time, to me isn't that relevant, as long as you and the baby are comfortable. Continue to read through elementary school and beyond if you both enjoy it. Read books at a higher level than they can read themselves, after they are in school. So when they are in second grade, read to them fourth or fifth grade level books. This increases their reading comprehension levels. How many remember that scene in "3 Men And a Baby" when Tom Sellec is reading to the baby from The New York Times, or was it The Wall Street Journal? Kooky but true. This could be dad's role while mom is soaking in the tub.

Third: Listening to classical music is important. Research as shown it improves the brain pathways for math and science. I always remember a study I read about rats getting through a maze. All the rats ran the maze and were timed as they made it through. Then 1/3 were exposed to classical music, 1/3 to rap music, 1/3 to no music. The no music group improved their time by 1 - 2 minutes as they got more familiar with the maze, not surprising. The classical music group, cut their time by about half, so a big improvement. The rap music group almost never made it through the maze again. Ask me why I hate it when my kids listen to rap music.

Others may have other ideas, but these worked for me. My son is now 23 years old, 4.0 honors in college.


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