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Independent family vs.joint family

Updated on November 11, 2013

'In every conceivable manner, the family is the link to our past, bridge to our future.' - Alex Haley

Though the concept of joint family has ceased to exist in western countries, it still exists in countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. There are lot of advantages in a joint family, but it is sad that today people do not want to co- exist with their parents as they feel their independence will be questioned.

In joint family you can trust your parents to guide you when you are facing problems in your life. Their support can be precious and valuable. When couples go to work, they feel apprehensive as to who will look after their children when they are away for work. They seek the help of baby sitters and there are cases of rough handling of children by these baby sitters.

If you have your parents with you they will look after your children with care and affection. Not only will they look after your children, they will feed your children with good ethical behavior and your children will grow up as good human beings. An uncared child can become a tough person to handle as he grows.

When you are facing problems your parents will be there to support and guide you and you will have the emotional fulfillment of looking after your aged parents. These are just some of the advantages of joint families, but it has its negative side also.

Some parents feel that their children should always listen to them and abide by their wishes. Times have changed and today the modern youth have different way of looking at life and parents judge them with their conventional viewpoint. The result is bitterness in parents that their children do not listen to their advice and anger in children that their parents interfere in their personal matters.

When the clashes become aggravated, children are ready to sidestep their parents to lead their life as they wish. Parents become sad that there is no love in their children and their old age is filled with loneliness and isolation.

In independent family there is independence to do whatever you want and there are no piercing eyes that follow your actions. But then couples should be happy, must they not? But we see fights, arguments and finally divorce in extreme cases. This is because there is no adjustability worth the name is today’s marriage.

Women clamor for their rights whereas men forgo their duties. Women must understand that the financial independence they now enjoy is not a pointer to ignore family life and concentrate just on their career. Men do not have the capacity to lead a family, but a woman can single handedly manage a family.

So women must give top priority to family life and must adjust and make her house a home full of peace and love. The best way is an independent family with close and affectionate connection with the parents and regular visits to make them feel loved. You should invite your parents for holidays and make their visit memorable for them.

This way the bitterness can be avoided and parents too will feel happy and cared if you regularly visit them. When you nurture relationships it becomes easy for you to live peacefully and happily with the blessing of your parents.


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    • profile image

      mathira 5 years ago

      You are right writerpavilion. True happiness always depend on the right balance.

    • writerspavilion profile image

      writerspavilion 5 years ago from India

      nice hub mathira! in fact i feel, balance is required in life. When a guy is not able to make balance between their parents and wife all these problems crop up.Similarly, parents should understand the changing time and give room to younger ones!

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Life has become hurried and is losing its values and does not seem to understand the warmth of relationships. Thank you for visiting phdast7.

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Nice Hub. It is unfortunate that the west no longer esteems extended families like they used. in doing so I think we have lost something important.