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Indian Parenting- Positive Side

Updated on December 14, 2016

Indian Parenting


Parenting - The Most Difficult and Satisfying Job

It goes without saying that Good Parenting is incredibly challenging and rewarding both. Parents are in a very difficult spot as they have to play a dual role of being a mature parent and at the same time a considerable and decent son or daughter to their parents. They have to set an example to their kids. In India, families are generally very closely knitted, even nuclear family kids are also brought up under the influence of their family's patriarchal culture.
Parenting in India means an onus of parents to up bring their child as per family's culture, teaching them great moral values and social etiquettes ( families in India have different cultures hence meaning of social etiquettes differ for different families.), providing financial, medical and educational security. A child born and brought up in Indian family may enjoy certain added advantages from his/her parent's side.
Some of the best outcomes of Indian parenting are discussed herewith in detail.

Great Bond with Grandparents


Advantages of Indian Parenting

Great Family Bonding - In India, most people live in joint families. The kids grow up in an environment where members of the family not only live together but also adjust and respect needs and wants of each other. The elders of the family are respected and kids of the family are pampered. The kids learn from their parents how to maintain a balance to live peacefully and happily in a big family. They love to stay and share a great bond with their grandparents.

Cultural Values- Indians believe in culture and teach their kids to follow it. All festivals in a family are celebrated as per the parent's culture. The kids are part of all the festivities. They participate in all activities like shopping, decorating the house, household chores and preparing gifts. Hence kids are attached to great traditional values since their childhood. They are attached to their grandparents and relatives as well. The kids learn to stay happily in a joint family and with elders. Talking too much or confronting elders is considered as anti-social behavior.

Balanced Freedom- Indians generally believe in giving controlled freedom to their kids. The Children are not allowed to go out alone. Smoking and drinking are big no for them. All parents keep an eye on their kids' day to day activities. Mostly, Children are fed with homemade food. Indian parents like to keep things of their children in their hands like shopping clothes, studies, respecting elders and leading a disciplined life. Parents prefer their kids to sleep with them. A kids individuality is respected in India but extra freedom and taking all decisions by himself is discouraged. The families in India prefer to go on outings with their kids, hence kids get more safe and enjoyable environment. Parents are cautious about their kid's dresses choice, especially adolescents are not allowed to wear very revealing or exposing clothes. The kids also wear traditional clothes on special occasions like weddings or festivals.

Health is Important-Indian parents are very cautious about their kids' diet. A great emphasize is laid on avoiding junk food and providing freshly cooked food. In most the families, different meals are cooked for all three times of a day. Junk food, cold drinks, chocolates, and oily food are given occasionally. TV viewing is time bound, instead, they are encouraged for physical activities. Kids play together in the park mostly accompanied by some elder. Hence there are fewer chances of kids becoming obese.

Protective Environment-Indian people are highly protective of their kids.
The kids are not allowed late night stays or traveling alone at least for the period of their school life. Even liberal parents are highly concerned about their kids' security. Indian parents take liberty in choosing and deciding about the kid's future like education and career. The motive behind such protective environment is to ensure child's safety and to take a right decision. The individualism of a child is critically scrutinized till he/she becomes mature enough to handle the situations and make choices himself/herself. They respect and provide necessary freedom to their children.

Disciplined Life- Indian kids lead a very disciplined life. Indian people prefer their kids to sleep and get up early. As Indian schools have a strict dress code and timings to be followed, kids learn to be punctual, disciplined and polite with elders. They have regular study and play time. Most of the Indian people don't like to disturb their child's daily routine and are likely to plan outings on weekends or vacations. "A strong foundation laid would not have shaky buildings" The kids with such attributes find their way ahead in life in spite of tough competition.

Less Dependence on Technology- Indian parents keep their kids at bay from gadgets and gizmos. Even rich parents don't prefer their kids to be dependent on technology and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Using calculators and mobile phones is prohibited in schools. The parents allow kids to use the internet and social media for the educational purpose only.

Sense of belonging- Parenting


Child Rearing on Globalised Scanerio

At the end, parenting has its own challenges irrespective of demography, religion, and background. Raising a child demands all sort of knowledge and energy required to make him a confident and smart person. Being a parent, now I understand very well, how you have to be on your toes every time. We all believe and leave no stone unturned to provide the best for our kids. We start thinking from our child's betterment perspective in all decisions, even if it is huge like sacrificing our careers. But whatever we do, do not come as desired and planned. Everything which has a bright side also has the either one. I would be coming up in my next article with the disadvantages and challenges faced by an Indian child due to very controlled upbringing standards and sophisticated environment. Sometimes too much of controlling becomes negative for our kids. Some archaic parenting models have to be changed as the world is never same.


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