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Indigo Children Characteristics

Updated on March 14, 2011

I've come to feel like something of an expert on indigo children characteristics, seeing as I am one and seem to have taken up the role of teaching others about indigo children. On my website, my article about them was the most commented and most visited of all my articles. I hope to reach out to as many people as possible with this information.

First things first. Indigos aren't always children. I'm using the term because it's more common and more recognised, but we could just as easily say indigo adults, or well, the term I use when talking to my friends – just plain “indigos”. There's nothing particularly new about indigo people, and it's not like they are only the very most recent generation. The concept of indigo children has existed long enough for all of them to grow up by now, lol :P

Some say the concept of indigo children is a fad. I can assure you, it's not. The self understanding which the concept of indigo children has brought to many people has been enough to radically change their lives. Some people have come out of suicidal depression after identifying themselves. This is because there can be a lot of anguish involved in being an indigo child or adult, and not knowing what the heck is going on can make it all the harder.

In my experience talking with hundreds of indigo children and adults, I've found lots of patterns among them, lots of shared characteristics. Some of these characteristics haven't been mentioned by the books. Actually, I'm waiting for the right moment to write my own book on the topic of indigo children characteristics.

The conventional list of indigo children characteristics mentions:

  • ADD like characteristics – indigo children might find it hard to focus on one thing for a long time, but this could be interpreted as being highly strung or perhaps just particular about how they spend their time as much as a “disorder”
  • System busting characteristics – indigo children have problems going along with meaningless systems and work to break them down.
  • A characteristic strong sense of justice
  • A feeling of not being “from here”
  • Impatience
  • Characteristic intense emotions and sensitivity – indigo children and adults can be happy, sad, joyful or angry more intensely than anyone can
  • A characteristic strong will and innate sense of self esteem. While indigo children can get down on themselves sometimes, especially if they are hit hard by life, they are naturally unwilling to get into any sort of power play and display strong self esteem when put into an inferior position. Because our very society is based on structures of superiority and inferiority, indigo children are often rebellious and struggle to find a way of living that feels right for them.
  • Related to this, indigo children are said to have the characteristic of feeling inside like kings or queens. (I definitely do. People have said I talk and act in a "regal" manner).
  • Indigo Children have the characteristic of feeling a sense of having a grand purpose in life, even if they don't know what it is.
  • Indigo Children are often loners and often prefer to be the leaders of groups if they are not loners.
  • Indigo Children have the characteristic of being very creative, and often very expressive through their sexuality and humour too. They tend to be passionate and very good at multiple things, and can be labelled as “gifted children”. They don't always do well in school, though.

Besides these conventionally mentioned characteristics, I'll add a few more which I've noticed:

  • Indigos tend to be very unhappy as children and are often born into traumatic circumstances. They might have illnesses or be the victims of abuse. I think there isn't one indigo who I've gotten to know who didn't have a rough time as a child. They also often have a hard time as adults, but can grow to be the most balanced, happy and spiritual people you'll ever meet.
  • Indigo children are compulsively authentic, and find it very hard to maintain a social mask. As the convential list of characteristics mentions, indigo children are also very good at seeing through the social masks of others
  • Indigo children often don't do well at school, despite their characteristic giftedness. They just don't fit into the system.
  • Indigo children prefer deep interactions and eschew shallow ones. This (combined with the sensitivity) is what causes them to be loners most of the time. It also brings indigo children to look for older company, and even later on in life they tend to have friends as well as romantic partners who are older than them.
  • Indigo adults have the unusual characteristic of finding their twin flame more frequently than other people do. This very rare ocurrence is something around 10-20% in the case of indigos.
  • Indigos are sensitive to the toxins in their food and tend towards vegetarianism and veganism. I'd say more than 50% of awakened indigos are vegan, and those who aren't are usually close to it.
  • Those indigos who don't wake up to being conscious about their diet often experience strong illnesses.

More On Indigo Children Characteristics

So that's a brief review of indigo children characteristics. If you want to read more, check out my blog post, “How To Tell If You Are Indigo”. Thanks for reading, and if you want to read more stuff from me, don't forget to check out the rest of my website and my posts here on HubPages!


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    • profile image


      5 years ago


      I am not for sure if this is the right place to ask on this but does anyone have any review about

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Yes!!!!!!! Our time has come, finally! People should understand at last that children are human beings as well, not automatic machines "not to be heard"!

    • profile image

      7 years ago

      ok yo!

      so we are so many people who say tha the are indigo crystal or whatever they think they are!

      i quess tha we all have something in common!!!

      we are good people that it is raised from are souls!

      but why are we always talking about ourselfs?

      and not for the people who really need as so we can help them someway?

    • profile image

      Andrew Gubb 

      8 years ago

      Well I haven't written everything that's ever been said about indigos... apart from empathic and the shielding bit, those things you mentioned don't involve everyone. A lot, to be sure, but not everyone.

      I guess it's to do with beliefs. I didn't believe in metaphysical stuff for a long time, so I didn't experience any of that. Even empathy or intuition I could explain within mundane parameters.

      Apart from that I don't want to scare people off who don't share metaphysical beliefs. So I tone that down a little.

    • infinitetruth profile image


      8 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

      I am also Indigo although that picture definitely doesn't reflect a good portion of us. You've kind of left out anything of a spiritual and/or a metaphysical nature. We're also said to be electricly sensitive, be psychic, empathic, have little to no practiced shielding, and have possible experiences with angels, spirits, and the like. I just feel like this article is trying to paint a picture with a limited number of brushes.

    • Chuck Bluestein profile image

      Chuck Bluestein 

      8 years ago from Morristown, AZ, USA

      I do not think that you need to label people that have similar charactoristitics. Every person has differences and similarities. Also everyone is at a different level of spiritual evolution.

      You can say that what you call Indigo people may just be people that are more spiritually evolved than most people. Like Albert Einstein, Da Vinci and Michael Jackson were vegetarians. I do not know about them being Indigo people, but they were more spiritually evolved than most people.

      I have some of these charactoristics, but others I do not have. But there is a book that is all about you (and everyone). It is called The Ashtavakra Gita.

      "You are really unbound and actionless, self-illuminating and spotless already. The cause of your bondage is that you are still resorting to stilling the mind. 1.15"

      (talk about sounding regal)"How wonderful I am! Glory to me, for whom there is no destruction, remaining even beyond the destruction of the world from Brahma down to the last clump of grass. 2.11

      How wonderful I am! Glory to me, solitary even though with a body, neither going or coming anywhere, I who abide forever, filling all that is. 2.12

      How wonderful I am! Glory to me! There is no one so clever as me! I who have borne all that is forever, without even touching it with my body! 2.13"

      "Rare is the man who knows himself as the nondual Lord of the world, and he who knows this is not afraid of anything. 4.6"

      "For me established in my own glory, there is no dreaming or deep sleep, no waking nor fourth state beyond them, and certainly no fear. 19.5

      For me established in my own glory, there is nothing far away and nothing near, nothing within or without, nothing large and nothing small. 19.6

      For me established in my own glory, there is no life or death, no worlds or things of this world, no distraction and no stillness of mind. 19.7"

    • Andrew Gubb profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Gubb 

      9 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      Thanks savannah!

    • savannahbree10 profile image


      9 years ago from Maniwaki, Quebec, Canada

      I've never heard of indigo adults and children I thought it was just a color of blue ! interesting hub!

    • Andrew Gubb profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Gubb 

      9 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      You're welcome :) Nice to read such a nice comment. Thanks for reading :)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Most of the personality characteristics fit anyone who is intelligent and fairly independent. Many prefer the term intuitive to indigo as that is where the difference is... an intuitive person can link with the spirit world. However, this has been around since the beginning of time and is an ancient way of life for many tribal people around the world. In the current age in western culture, more and more differences are being embraced, so even those who are intuitive are not being institutionalized and punished as often as they once were. It is people like you, Andrew, who are allowing all people to be who they truly are! Thanks!!

    • Andrew Gubb profile imageAUTHOR

      Andrew Gubb 

      9 years ago from Barcelona, Spain

      Thanks melbel. :) I've met people who have a some indigo characteristics but not all of them, it's often not black and white. But when you do meet an indigo.. most of the time you really know it. :)

    • melbel profile image


      9 years ago from Midwest, USA

      This is really interesting. I have heard of the term "indigo children" but wasn't sure what it meant. I can see how my personality fits a little bit with an indigo child, but not quite.


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