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Indoor Kids Activities-Imagination Play

Updated on May 22, 2014

With our kids inside for the cold weather or for the rain, it is important as parents to find something to occupy their time and not blow the budget. Imagination is a fun way to spend your time and with a few props, you can make a great experience for you and your child that won’t cost you a thing.


One great way to keep the little ones occupied is with a fort of some kind. You can use anything from tables, couches back to back and a few sheets or blankets. Any place in your home can become the outdoors, a space ship or a house, the setting is only hindered by you and your child’s imagination.

If you can make the location pretty dark, a flashlight can add a whole element to the fun. You can do shadow puppets, tell scary stories or just find new ways to have fun. My son is always happier when he gets new batteries for his flashlight, than he is with almost any new toy.

Story Time

Story time at your local library is a great way to get your kids out and it also gives them a chance to meet other kids while learning the great mysteries of reading. So why not do your own story time at home, even invite over some of your children’s friends from the neighborhood. All you need is a few books, some puppets, a writing board of some type. Take notes from the one held in the public, with a little time and effort your story time can be just as great. Bring along the stuffed animals, make a few hours of it. Couple it with an indoor picnic and you have easily spent the afternoon away having fun.

Be A Chef

A fun way to incorporate learning with fun is to bring your kid into the kitchen and teach them how to cook. My son likes to pretend he is a chef (I got him a silly white hat) and he makes mommy a snack. They can do jobs like mixing, pouring, etc. just go with your child’s learning level and go with it. Hand to eye coordination is helpful with their gross motor skills and you can also teach them a little bit about where food comes from. And of course, taste testing throughout helps to keep their attention. Below is a link and recipes for a few kid friendly ideas.


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    • samanthamayer profile image

      samanthamayer 5 years ago from New Zealand

      This brings up memories of playing with my adorable little cousins. Very nice!

    • Jennifer Mullett profile image

      Jennifer Mullett 5 years ago from Canada

      Good ideas!