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Indoor Play Date Ideas for 5 and 6 Year Old Boys

Updated on October 7, 2014

Play Date Activities for Boys

Play dates help friendships blossom, build social skills and are just plain fun. They provide an opportunity for your child to interact with a friend outside of school.

They are great for summer days, Friday afternoons, or just anytime throughout the year! If you want your child to have friends, play dates are great ways to help start friendships.

If your son has invited a classmate over, below are some ideas. These are great for both play dates with just one friend, or play dates with two to three friends.

Paper Airplanes are Great for Play Dates!

Make Paper Airplanes

This one might not last longer than ten minutes. However, it can be quite entertaining for a few moments. Your local library should have several books on how to build paper airplanes. Youtube is also an excellent resource for paper plane designs and tips. If the activity is going well, consider having races with the paper air planes. Don't forget, you can also encourage them to color and/or attach stickers to the paper airplanes.

Discover the Domino Effect

If you have dominoes, handy, encourage them to build a domino city. You might even try to use books to create steps. This, of course, needs to be on a very flat surface such as hardwood floors or a table. It might keep them occupied for awhile as they work together (hopefully) only to watch it all tumble down. Most boys will love to do this. It might be his first time to build a domino creation.

Blanket forts are fun for play dates.
Blanket forts are fun for play dates. | Source

Build a Fort

Nearly all boys love to build a fort. You'll need a mattress, a chair, blankets and maybe a table. If money is not an option, there are also several fort building kits such as this one here. For an added touch use flashlights or glow sticks. This can be very memorable. Be sure to take some pictures! For younger boys, consider reading a story to them in the fort.

Build a Card House

If you have a stack of cards laying around, encourage them to build a card house. This one might not be as entertaining as other ideas, but it does teach them a little about gravity. For ideas, watch some Youtube videos such as this one here.

Have a Lego Contest

If you have a plethora of legos laying around, encourage them to have a lego contest. Of course, make sure they are both winners. You could see who can build the tallest tower in ten minutes, or who can build the most colorful car. Most boys between the ages of 4 and 8 love legos.


Paint If you have tolerate a little mess, encourage them to paint. Some kids rarely have the opportunity to paint. Watercolors are perfect. They will have a nice keepsake to take home to mom or dad.

These are just a few indoor play date ideas. For play group suggestions for younger children, please read "10 Fun Indoor Play Group and Play Date Ideas." Also, check out "How to Start a Lego Playgroup for Kids."

Happy Playing!

Which Play Date Ideas is Your Favorite?

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    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 3 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Being a mom of boys (who are now grown-up men) I love these ideas, especially the fort.