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Podee Baby Bottle Feeding System - Hands-Free Feeder for Infant Babies

Updated on July 29, 2015

Anyone who has ever given birth to twins or triplets knows how long and tedious feeding time can be. Imagine if you have multiples. The time it takes to feed, burp, and calm one baby down, multiply that by, say, two or three babies. You get the point.

Having a system of feeding that allows parents of multiple births to cut feeding time down to a fraction of what it normally takes would be a great idea. Wouldn't it?

Well, there is system in place. It's a bottle feeding system. The Podee® Baby Bottle is the original hands-free feeding system that lets you feed your baby or babies in a convenient upright position while you attend to other chores around the home.


Podee Bottle Feeding System Great For Multiple Babies

The Podee® Baby Bottle feeding system is a must have for any parent of twins, triplets, or multiples. The Podee Double Pack Feeding System, makes it easier for mothers of multiples to stack up on these great invention.They are especially a needed companion for when your family goes on those long trips, and your baby needs to be fed but you've got your hands on the steering.

The great thing about the Podee Feeding System is that it is hands-free. You don't need to have to hold the bottle to the mouth of your babies. This makes it possible to feed multiple babies at the same time. Just prepare the formula or breast milk, set it down next to the baby in a secure upright or semi-upright position, and voila, you are good to go!. Your baby is feeding and your hands are free to do the driving or other chores.

The Podee® Baby Bottle System is a welcomed invention for many parents of children with special needs who may sometimes have difficulties with feeding.

Benefits of The Podee Bottle System

In addition to the hands free benefits of the The Podee® Baby Bottle, other noted benefit of this system includes, but not limited to the following:

  • It helps prevent colic and gas build up.
  • It helps prevent ear infections.
  • It helps prevent reflux.
  • It's a great feeding system for traveling.
  • It's a great system for feeding twins and other multiple babies.
  • It's a great system for feeding children with developmental delay.

If you will rather stay with a preferred feeding bottle brand, then one option to try is the Podee Convert A Bottle Kit. This kit will fit most other bottle brand, which gives you the option to stay with your brand and still get the benefit of the hands-free feeding of the Podee brand.


Using The Podee Feeding System Doesn't Encourage Bonding Between Parents and Their Infants. Would You Consider Using It?

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Cleaning And Care of The Podee Baby Bottle System

One thing I've learned from experience is that any infant/toddler feeding system/bottle/cup with a straw or tube-like parts may sometimes prove difficult to clean, but it's not impossible. You will need to take great care in the cleaning of your Podee® Baby Bottle system once purchased.

To clean your Podee Baby bottle you'll need:

  • Fuzzy stick
  • Mild or anti-bacterial detergent
  • Warm water

Dip the fuzzy stick in detergent, and move in up and down motion in the bottle straw to remove any left-over milk. Repeat as needed, being careful not to poke a hole in the tube with the stick. Once, straw is clean, inse thoroughly with warm water until straw is clean, or until there is no soap residue.

Always follow the cleaning instructions in the accompanying care manual of your baby bottle system. Tube or straw-like parts should not be washed in the dishwasher. Use a skewer or fuzzy stick instead. It's always good practice to check out the reviews of previous owners of any product before you buy.

Caution: Though the Podee Bottle System does not require an adult to hold the bottle up for the baby, parents should take care not to leave their infant child unattended when using the Podee Bottle System.


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