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Interested In Tracing Your Biological Parents?

Updated on March 11, 2014

Interested In Tracing Your Biological Parents?

For an adopted child, the parents who bring them up are like their real Mom and Dad. The parents who raise you give you all love and affection and deserve the same from you. However, it has been found that most adopted children are anxious to know, or have information about, their biological mother and father. This gives rise to the number of cases where a child searches for their biological parents. The question that haunts these children is most often ‘Why did my parents abandon me?”. Because of this many adopted children choose to seek out their biological parents in an attempt to gain answers to this very question.

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Any person who has ever been in this position can probably understand how important this search can become. We definitely need to know who created us. What our biological parents look like, did we inherit any of their genetic characteristics – both of these things play in the mind of an adopted child continuously. However, finding your biological parents is not an easy task. The agency through which you were adopted often will not reveal their records to you. This means an adopted child often starts their search without even the most basic of information about their biological parents.

In most of the cases, an adopted child tries to find his or her biological parents through the records of the agency by which he or she was adopted. In the easiest of cases it is as simple as looking in the phonebook. However you can also find information by searching the internet. The problem with these sources is the limited amount of information that is readily available. The phonebook may not help you if your biological parents are unlisted, or they don’t have a home phone. And the internet may give you superficial information, which would not be much help at all in the long run.

If you are an adopted child who knows the names of their biological parents that is good, you’re one-step ahead of the game. If you know their names, visit to search for further details regarding your biological parents. Simply enter their names along with their approximate ages and you will be able to get the details. Their address and telephone numbers will be moments away. The website uses numerous sources in order to provide you with genuine and updated information.

It can be extremely difficult to deal with the emotions that come along with not knowing your biological parents. Unfortunately, there are scores of children who continuously search for their birth parents in vain. Now, with the help of this website you can have access to the facts in mere minutes. This helps to avoid embarrassing situations where you are left begging for of the most basic information only to be turned down, and away. A child deserves to know about his or her birth parents. With the help of this website, now it’s bit easier to find out information about one’s biological parents.

Searching for Your Biological Parents?


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    • profile image

      gemma 7 years ago

      im helping a friend try and trace his birth father but we dont know where to start he doesnt know his name and his birth mother wont give him this information which as u can understand is very frustrating but she had an affair an became pregnant as a result which is the reason she wont tell him anything is there anything we can do to get started on finding him any help is much appraicted

    • profile image

      daisyma 7 years ago from Utah

      August 16, 2010

      We're NOT 'birth' mothers and/or same said fathers. As for myself I am the mother of my only child from my only pregnancy who was forced to sign over my new baby to Colleen Burnham and David McConkie both of Children's Aid Society of Utah of whom one of the affiliated social workers reminded me, along with not having any resources to parent my child, "Besides, Children's Aid is paying your bills."

      Colleen Burnham, being coached by her lawyer helper David McConkie, terrorized me to sign the one sheet of paper these two had shoved in front of me. Though it looked official the fact remains that David McConkie never had this "document" legalized with a court seal, during any of the following hearing.

      THEY are the ones who started using the term 'birth' as a prefix to the word 'mother.' I've always considered myself my son's mother, period.

      All this bunk about "protecting" natural mothers is nothing more than hog-wash. Nobody speaks for me, as a mother of adoption child-loss. Here, again, people claim to represent me only because they don't want to hear me--don't want to let me express my concerns myself, don't want to exchange dialoge with me--don't want to let me speak for myself and therefore have my own voice.

      The one-sided hypocracy of adopters which they usually pay lawyers to help them pull off is only one more way of cheating natural mothers. NOTHING is being done for all those moms, which include me, whose child was seized from us prior to the so-called era of open-adoptions. Once again, WE'RE BEING SEGREGATED because we're being excluded.