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Internet Safety for your Teens: How to Setup Parental Controls, and Windows Live Family Safety

Updated on April 9, 2013

Parental Control Screen

Parental Control Screenshot
Parental Control Screenshot | Source

Getting Started

In the beginning

If your like me you worry everyday where and how your teenagers are using the Internet. We may not be able to monitor every device they have access to. But at least for the home computer, if you are running Windows 7, you now have more options without necessarily having to spend money on programs Such as NetNanny or Safeyes. Yes those programs will actually block illicit content, and make it so that you have to enter a password every other time the teenager is trying to do a research paper, which can really be a pain, trust me.

The knowledge your being observed is often enough.

Microsoft has added a feature to Windows 7, that gives you the ability to monitor what your teenager access's on the internet without paying a one time, monthly, or yearly fee. I firmly believe that a teenager will modify their behavior when they realize that you can receive a report of every page they visited. And I'm pretty sure they won't do it twice. Alright so let's dig in. First things first.

You will need to password protect your main account properly. This means picking a password that your kids can't figure out. Yes, this is a pain, but remember it's free. To set the password on your account click on the "start button" then type user account in the search bar where it says "search programs and files", Windows 7 will provide you with a selection of choices, select the one that says "User Accounts", and the very first choice will be "create account password" From there on the bottom left portion of the window you will see Parental Controls, Left Click, and the next page will load. First Look for a box near where the Red Arrow is pointing. This alert is attempting to point out that there may be one or more administrative accounts that need a password set. Now Notice the Green Arrow, make sure all accounts that need to have full access say Administrator next to them, and have a secure password on them. Alright, let's wrap up and Get the system ready. Review the Parental Controls Screenshot and we'll continue after the Jump....

Parental Controls Screenshot

Windows 7 Parental Controls Screenshot
Windows 7 Parental Controls Screenshot | Source

Windows Live Family Safety

In order to take full advantage of Parental Controls in Windows Vista, 7, or 8 installation of Windows Live Family Safety is a must. This can be done by installing the Windows Live Pack, that also includes other handy features such as DVD Movie Maker, and Other add-ins that can enhance your Windows experience.

Follow the link in order to download and install Windows Live Family Safety.*

*If you already have Yahoo, Google, or some other toolbar installed,
 I don't recommend also installing the Bing Toolbar as this can impact 
your browsers performance.  Uncheck any other features you don't want.

Windows Live Family Safety

After installing Windows Live Family Safety you will need to navigate to the program to finish setting it up.

After you have created an account to manage the teenagers access to the internet and other programs you can finish the setup of the Parental Controls.

Integration of the Windows Live Family Safety into the built-in parental controls requires that you click on the Additional controls pull down, and select it. This will enable it for your computer.

Additional Controls for Family Safety

Where to incorporate Windows Live Family Safety into your Parental Controls.
Where to incorporate Windows Live Family Safety into your Parental Controls.


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