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Introducing learning to your child.

Updated on June 12, 2014

I'm ready to learn!

Captain Munchkin Pants!
Captain Munchkin Pants! | Source

By: Lisa Qsaib

You've gotten your flash cards and your picture books and you are ready to go.

Slow down, let's talk about some techniques that will make this a fun learning experience!

Flash Cards - Say the name slowly and repeat it a few times.Try having some of the actual physical items that your child will see on the flash card and let them handle it. Get an apple, flower or hat and have them feel the textures.

Picture Book- Let them know, "we are going to look at our books now"! Teach them how to turn a page. Be sure to praise them when they try,

Music- Have your child listen to nature music or classical music 10 minutes before you begin. For most children this can engage their brain to prepare to absorb information.

Repetition of these techniques is key. When you build a routine for your child, they begin to recognize learning time and understand this is time to learn something new!

Try to begin these techniques between 3 and 4 months of age. When they reach 9 months, you may begin to try and engage their speech and maybe incorporate motor skills with learning. Try and place a flash card item just out of their reach; this could help them in the walking or crawling learning process.

Have fun Mom and Dad! Don't do any of these steps unless you have devoted time to do so. Show them that you are giving them your undivided attention.

Watch out for what to try after 1 year! See ya soon!


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    • babe06451 profile image

      Lisa Qsaib 5 years ago from Connecticut

      What's your method of introducing learning to your child?