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Is Social Media Embarrassment Considered Good Parenting?

Updated on May 31, 2015

So the key to good parenting is public humiliation?

So you're kid did something wrong and needs some type of punishment to keep them from making those same mistakes over and over again. What can we do to make our children never forget what they done as just teenagers who currently think there invincible and nothing can stop them anyway. These teenagers again I have to remind you, and put this into you're mind seeing that there brain isn't nearly even close to full development yet. You wanna get bad grades in school fine, Technology is the key for fixing that and let me explain why. I like to first say I'm in no way shape or form blaming technology, it brings us forward in life but today it's getting used for all the wrong reasons. It's safe to say that putting a camera in front of you're child for messing up in school or maybe trying his first cigarette is entertainment for social media sites. Even going as far as making your child walk out in public holding up a sign saying whatever stupid thing they done that I promise they'll regret as they grow wiser. Or will they, because I know I grown from all the stupid mistakes I made and look back at them and sometimes still feel the embarrassment of what I've done. Still I make mistakes but I just learn from them and do my best to not make it happen again. The difference between what Ive done as a youth and what today's youth is going through is a whole lot different now though. See my parents weren't disciplining me by uploading me on to a website and maybe because I grew up before it was so easy to post videos online for the world to see. Would my family have done these things to embarrass me as a kid, the question to that is I'll never know. Not once though have I ever had to walk around publicly humiliating myself with a sign or walk to school with a messed up hair cut because my grades were bad or I got into a fight. I wasn't an angel and I'm not saying that the kids that are being punished in these videos are, but there's better ways of parenting your children without the use of camera's and social media uploads. With people in the social media comment sections saying that the treatment the kid was giving was right. "Good parenting, more parents should be this way" is the words they have the nerve to type without choosing there words carefully. See the difference between my youth and the people I grew up with is when we did bad things we may have been embarrassed but only by our friends and the circle of people that was around us. The only thing they can ever do is have a memory of it and maybe even joke about it as they get older. Now that's not the case you now have to face that for the rest of your life as it's made into these popular "vines" and so many websites to be put across the world for everyone to see! Why should something a stupid teenager who's still learning what's right and what's wrong should have to face that humiliation of being mentally tortured for possibly the rest of his life.

News stories cover these things saying "Look at the video of the mother embarrassing her daughter on facebook is now at 10 millions hits". Is this a way of getting your 5 minutes of fame as a parent so you're kid can face the rest of there lives facing possible public embarrassment. Imagine walking down the street and you shaped up so much from who you were and all the sudden someone recognizes you from the internet and begins to make fun of you. From something that was done ages ago and this is what you have to deal with because you made a foolish mistake. Sadly the African American culture is the leaders of this new way of parenting. Almost as if seeking attention from the internet world is more important than actually raising you're kid. Instead of publicly embarrassing him or her talk to them, understand what's making things goes so wrong in there lives. It's probably you anyway as a parent who's making yourself to look like a good parent when really you're raising a bunch of young thugs who will learn to hate you as they grow up. You're not being a good parent, you're pathetic for thinking the world needs to see the bad you're son did as he's still learning in this big bad world that we live in. So he or she smoked some marijuana and maybe tried it once from curiosity and now shaving his head half way bald and living just a little bit on the sides is what they deserve? I hate to break it down to you parents but that's only going to make him go out and do more stupid stuff and do more drugs because you're telling him you don't want that life for him in all the wrong ways. You're a hypocrite at that since I'm sure you tried it yourself, I mean we all see the conditions most of these kids are living in when the videos are being recorded. It's not right to treat you're kids this way and it has to stop, You need to love your child and tell him that there are drugs and temptations in the world and whether you choose to make the right or wrong decision is up to you. If you feel you need someone to talk to, then as the parent you should be the one you're child has nothing to hide from and can talk about anything with you. I don't care what it is, from sex, to drugs, to fighting, and just about how education is important.

My question is now will these so called "parents" ever regret how stupid it was to let the world see how foolish you are as a guardian and how you're kid has to face this forever. People think the solution to good parenting is beating you're kid senseless and that's how they will learn. Maybe it worked for some but all in reality all it really did was make them fear there family. Fear there dad's or mom or even step parent's who just want to repeat all the bad they faced as kids. People who get abused as kids don't grow up to be saints they grow up to be violent because that's all they know. They witness there mom's being beaten on and that's what they learn to think is okay. So tell me how a beating makes you're child a better person? I can name a list of successful people who weren't beat senseless and abused and are just fine. Even talked back to there parent's in ways I could never imagine to talk to my parents that way. Still they seem to be doing well for themselves going to college, building there own businesses and living alone with a lot to show for themselves. I can't name to many people I knew who grew up in abusive ghetto environments who are doing to well for themselves now. They just keep the cycle in rotation and pass it on to there kids just how they were treated. Love your kids even when there wrong, tell them about the dangers in life and to just be careful if you're going to involve yourself in them. Hiding those facts from them and telling them not to ever do it will only make them curious and find a way to do it behind you're back and you better believe that. Love is the key, Support is what your children need and more attention that I'm sure you're clearly lacking as a parent since you need social media to see you're "parenting skills" anyway.

put on blast via facebook.
put on blast via facebook.


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