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Being Mom and Dad For Your Children In A Single Parent Home Do Children Need Both Parents Or Can They Do It On Their Ow

Updated on September 24, 2014

There are about 15 million or one third of children being raised with a single parent as of 2013. About 5 million more without a mother. Shocking to know that that many children live in a single parent home. For some people that's the norm, they do the best they can to raise their family on there own. Some blame it on drugs, crime and poverty.

A number of studies say that having only one parent (fatherless) families have a negative impact on the emotional and social development of the child. Its shocking to hear things like this and to most you ask it all depends on how the child is raise by that one parent be it a single mother or father.

I personally think ever though this is sad and shocking to hear I don't really agree with it.Just because you only have one parent doesn't mean that you will be emotionally and social unstable because you can have both parents and the same can be true. Not everyone will agree and that's fine, but everyone has there own story. If you have a love and dedication to making the best life for your child you will do what you can to make that possible.

The love you have for your child(ren) and how you want to raise them depends on how and what you want to teach them. All you can do is teach your child(ren) all you know and to be the best person they can be. When they are adults with the morals you instill in them they have to make that choice, we can't live our kids live for them when they grow up all we can do is instill the best tools for them do good and do better then us as a parent. Meaning we all want our kids to have better then we did and have a great life.

Can a mom be mom and dad in a single parent home? Do children need both parents to have a good life? Again it comes back to the individual and how they choose to raise there children. Can a mom be mom and dad because the father may not want to be in there life or due to a situation where its not healthy? Yes, she can if she choose to do so and are doing the best she can to give that child the best life possible. Same goes for a two parent home if those parents choose to raise that child or children to the best of there ability.

What it comes down to is doing the best you can for your family. Its all about individual perception.


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