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Is it normal for a baby to be Nursing on a single side?

Updated on August 29, 2011

Many infants especially new borns sometimes tend to prefer one side over the other for various reasons. She may fuss while feeding on one breast and tend to pull away.

What causes this???
A new born may tend to prefer one side as it may find it easier to latch on to that specific breast. The rejected side may hence become more engorged and your child may further reject it as it may get harder to latch on.
Another reason may be your child just feels more comfortable being held in a specific way and hence the preference. Older babies may prefer one side as the other may not be producing enough milk, slow flow or let down. She may not be patient enough for the let down reflex to set in.

Another reason could be cracked nipples that may be the reason for rejection. Apply Pure Lan which is the best remedy for cracked nipples and is safe while breastfeeding. Another remedy that my doctor suggested was to apply some of the hind milk secreted which will help heal the cracked may want to try this it does work!!!

This will only worsen the situation. The more the baby sucks and nurses more is the production of milk. The supply is met as per the demand. So when the baby ceases to nurse from one side the production reduces as well.

How to combat this????

Try feeding your baby from the less preffered side when he is sleepy. Experiment with different positions that are comfortable for both you and your baby. Offer the less preffered side first when he is hungry or other wise. You may also pump from the less preffered side to keep up the milk supply and try persistently offering the same side until he takes to it.


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