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Is my youngest child really a spoiled brat

Updated on April 4, 2016

The Last child

My son who is 16 is often referred to as "Momma's Baby" by his siblings. All of my children were born 6 1/2 years apart, I have an older son who has a child my first and only grandchild, I have one daughter who is 23 and the middle child and then my 16 year old who is my last child. The rules seemed to have changed since he came along, we let him do things that our other children were not allowed to do and my older children just dont seem to understand when I explain to them that he is my baby! I understand he is 16 but he will always be my baby.He is the last chance I have to do all the things that maybe I didnt get to do with them and they just dont get it!

I dont think hes spoiled

My children are all unique in their own way, my son made me a grandma, my daughter was the first college grad in our family and then their is my 16 year old. I really dont believe he is spoiled its just that we have more time now than when our other kids were younger! My oldest son says we never watched him play any sports, but dont miss a game his brother plays. Our daughter says her father never came to watch her play any high school sports but doesnt miss any that her younger brother plays! I often have to explain to them that when they were growing up we had 3 kids and times were a lot tighter back then but they still say thats just an excuse that their brother is just a spoiled brat!

Really its just because hes the youngest!

I hear myself saying to my older children all the time its just because hes the youngest! My daughter always replies that she was the youngest once too but she didnt get half as much as her little brother does. Of course my oldest child who is 29 is still a little jealous of all the things we do for his brother even though he has a child of his own, he hasnt quite got it yet! I must admit that every time our youngest child hits a milestone in his life I get a little emotional! When he got his license I felt like I had lost my purpose as his mother, no more rides to where ever he wanted to go, no more pick ups from practice, I was a lost soul! When he started 11th grade I was beside myself knowing that my baby was one step closer to growing up on me!

Maybe He is spoiled but hes not a brat!

Okay maybe they are a little bit right about him being a little bit spoiled but he is not a brat! My daughter says when I was 16 I had to work after school and all summer to be able to drive a ragged hand me down car, my oldest says he always had to bum a ride to get where ever he wanted to go, are these statements really true? They may be just a little true but it still doesn't make little brother a brat! I have to admit that yes we do rearrange our schedules so we don't miss any of our youngest childs baseball games and maybe we don't fuss at him as much about his grades as we should and maybe we do let him stay out a little longer than we did our other kids, but he is not a brat!

My Brat is not a Brat!

I find myself sometimes answering text messages that my baby sends me from the next room wanting me to get him things! I also find myself cleaning his room and hanging up his clothes for him!I also find myself slipping him extra gas money that dad doesn't know about! The question is , is he a brat, no of course not! Before everyone is sitting back shaking their heads thinking oh yes hes a brat let me explain, he is my youngest child, my last baby, I love all my children the same but he is the last one I will ever have to do all these things for. He gets very good grades, hes never been in trouble in school, he doesn't smoke or drink, he has good friends and he never gives me any problems at all! He does have 2 jobs lined up for the summer, so is he a brat, well of course not he is just my baby! I always tell my older kids that when he is 50 he will still be my baby, this is one thing they nor i can ever change!


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