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Is your father infected with a jezebel spirit?

Updated on July 31, 2010

The "Jezebel dad"

We meet the name “Jezebel” in about 874 B.C when Ahab, the king of Israel took a woman named Jezebel to be his wife. Jezebel was daughter of Ethbaal, king of Sidon, a Phoenician nation which was a neighbor to Israel. Jezebel’s name in the Phoenician language means “Baal is the prince.”

We cannot tell whether her marriage to Ahab was in support of a treaty but it appears that as soon as Jezebel had the “ring on her finger” that she became domineering so much so, that during the time of Ahab’s kingship, the king was merely a puppet, for his wife Jezebel, was really the woman behind the throne.

As we look at Queen Jezebel we observe  that because of her actions Israel was in spiritual as well as moral disorder. We assume that this woman Jezebel was a walking wounded because of her pagan lifestyle which was a cause for her immoral behavior. She sought to be "the man in charge" who emasculated her husband and as she lived so she died for she was thrown from her balcony and eaten by dogs.

Jezebel left a template of her wickedness and it is from those characteristics from which we surmize a man or woman's behavior.

Is your father head and heels over money, prestige, power, position and popularity?

Is your father domineering over his household?

Some men haven’t come into the understanding of what is meant when to take dominion of the earth and being domineering over his family.

To take dominion over the earth means to rearrange what’s not working in your favor into becoming extremely favorable, delightful and effective. It means to have positive and constructive criticism in order to attain a valuable and worthy product.

However to domineer over ones family is an act of slavery.

What it’s really saying is that you aren’t worth the time of a common dog and that I’d rather spend time explaining myself to “Rover”. I will give Rover the freedom he wants to go and take care of his personal but from you, I demand a reason.

Is your father manipulative?

This manipulating could have come from the way he was cultivated. He feels as if the only way he can have your obedience, love and respect is if he his controlling.

Jezebel controlled Ahab.

Of course Ahab was a misfit. Ahab gave the kingdom of Israel into Jezebels hands because he did not want to communicate with his problems. When a man ceases to “man-up” to his responsibilities then “Jezy” will be more than happy to oblige and become the “husband” without reservation.

Is your father using fear as a means of control?

A father should have the reverence that is due his office in the earth realm. He should be respected as a father. It is similar to him having, what Christians call, an anointing. He has been ordained to be a father, it was God’s intention.

The biblical king David is well known for his saying, “Touch not the Lord’s anointed”.

In this context Saul had been king and because of jealousy, fear and envy, he was against David, even seeking his death. One an occasion David and his men caught Saul’s defenseless and could have killed the king but David knew not to harm the Lord’s anointed.

Your father, regardless of how he has controlled you in the pass by making you fearful, yet he is still your father and for you to succeed in life God demands that he should be respected.

Sometimes God will allow us to have a “Saul experience” because there is a character building that he wants us to have for where he has to take us.

So make your bitter situations work for your good. When the enemy hands you a lemon, don’t be disheartened, pull up your bootstraps and begin to make lemonade.


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