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Isn't it time for the boy child to learn how to do household chores as the girl child?

Updated on March 31, 2013

As a parent of boys and girls,I often wonder when my boys mess their bedrooms and the lounge and expect their sisters to tidy the rooms for them.Many times I have seen the boys leaving their plates on the table without clearing up.I think my boys are aware of the high held belief and misconception that household chores are for girls.They tend to group themselves according to sex roles.They are of the opinion that washing dishes and tidying up is for girls.

Boys need to be taught that the kitchen and the mop are not for girls alone. They should get their hands dirty with the mop and cleaning the stove.Household chores are survival skills which must be learnt by Jack and Jill.Boys must be reminded that to wash dishes, cook and put their beds in order is not abuse and is not meant for girls alone.Boys should know that they are not living a fictitious life but a real one.They need these survival skills in future.

I have often seen boys and even old men who can't make a good cup of tea.They blame their childhood for this failure.They grew up surrounded by doting mothers and sisters who could do everything for them.Indeed they grew up as spoilt brats but with the course of time as mature men they are feeling the pinch - they can't cook a hot meal for themselves.

In this modern age where men and women are bread winners.Males must learn to babysit and how to turn on the washing machine.Make no mistake the boys of today are likely to marry working class wives who have busy schedules and come home tired to do household chores.They can't do all the donkey work for the snoring husbands, who can't put their smelling socks in the washing machine.There is need for shared responsibilities.Girls are not computerised machines programmed to do all the household chores whilst boys are enjoying the play stations and calling for some more pudding seated on the sofa. Boys must also learn to do household chores as survival skills at an early age.

Many governments across the globe are realising the importance of shared maternity leave - so if our boys are raised telling them that the kitchen and the broom are no go areas for them, would they be able to help their wives with household chores when they get married? It is my humble opinion that parents and schools should teach boys the survival skills of cooking and tidying. I feel boys need more Home Economics lessons than girls because they have been neglected by a culture of grouping them according to sex roles. In life what is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.A good team work in a marriage deserves another. Boys must enjoy washing the dishes it is part of growing up and fitting well in an egalitarian society.

Various governments are leading the way in promoting shared maternity leave.This is a wake up call for boys or males in particular that gone are the days when they used to say bows and arrows are for them, and saucepans and baking cakes are for girls.Boys must learn the survival skills of cooking and clearing up at an early age,they are living a complete life they should not be left out.Together as one,they can forge ahead.


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