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It Should be More Than a Job

Updated on November 17, 2014

A question for you before you read on.

Can you honestly say you enjoy your job?

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How we got Here

I think it's safe to say that all of us have visited Regretsville at least once in our life. The roads that lead there have names like fear, silly, or difficult. We usually end up on one of these roads through unwitting directions from someone else. Those directions come from parents who instill caution in our life, friends and family who offer the opinion that an idea is frivolous or from our own lack of determination.

It may be possible that or lack of determination can be developed through fear which in turn is developed by the caution fostered by our parents. I am not a therapist and I do not want to point fingers at our parents, but they have the most influence in our early years.

As parents we teach our children caution to mitigate injury to themselves or someone else. The unfortunate side affect can be fear, used to avoid perceived discomfort in the form of pain or humiliation which leads to inaction.

So we find ourselves thinking about the love that got away or the opportunity to accomplish something fulfilling.

We Perpetuate the Tradition

There are far to many who rise in the morning dreading their job. It has a suffocating effect on are willingness to reach higher because, for us, it lacks purpose. We have arrived in this place because we took one of the aforementioned roads for the need of food, clothing and shelter.

As we grow we get accustom to our environment and try to recreate that level of comfort when we strike out on our own. We do not take into consideration that it took years for our parents to build what they have. As parents we can unwittingly guide our children into trying to achieve this level quickly because we want the best for them.

Because you have too or Because you Want too

There is nothing wrong with having or wanting better but is it worth being miserable. We go to college in hopes of getting a good paying job that will allow the standard of living we are acquainted with. We get things and things cost money, time or both to keep in good working order. Eventually we find ourselves unable to change our circumstances because we require a particular level of income to keep the things we collected. Not to mention the additional costs if we have added a family.

This is where work becomes a job. Work is defined as the physical effort used to accomplish a task. By definition engaging in a hobby is working though we do not label it as work because we enjoy it. We will always work. God created us to work. The goal should be to work at something we enjoy not because we have too, which is the definition of a job.

There will always be parts of a job we do not like, but we should strive to have one that makes us want to get out of bed. Taking the example of a musician. If you listen to their stories, you will hear the common theme of performing in less desirable places because of the joy they have doing their job. I would bet you would be hard pressed to get one of them, no matter what level of success, to say that to them its a job.

Getting it Right

There is an importance to being marketable but I do not think that should be the driving force. I worked with someone who was an accountant and decided to return to school and pursue a veterinary degree. When I inquired about the drastic change, he replied that he always wanted to be a veterinarian but went into accounting because it took less time and it was easier to get a job.

We should help our children recognize their strengths and to discover what they enjoy doing. If they come to us with a legitimate career different than we thought they would choose, we should not discredit the idea because of our experiences. We should encourage them to investigate the details of the job and what it means financially. If they are going to be happy, we should guide them in planning correctly for the future and help them achieve their goal.

I have made my mistakes and encourage my children to choose to work at something they enjoy and worry about the money latter. If you live within your means and plan accordingly you will be in control of your finances and live a fulfilling life.

There is a book by Max Lucado that really covers this topic well an I would suggest that you read it and then offer it to your children when they reach ninth grade.

Cure for the Common Life: Living in Your Sweet Spot

Before you go.

Did any of this ring true for you?

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© 2014 Merely Musings


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