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Its Important to Set Your Priorities Straight

Updated on January 29, 2012

If you are to choose just one most important thing in your life, what would it be?

I remember being asked the same question when I was in high school for our GMRC (Good Manners and Right Conduct) class. A lot of students mentioned that the most important thing in their lives is their "studies" [it could be true, or they just said that to impress our teacher and get good grades for the subject :)]. The teacher however said, whatever your answer to this question is will create the path that you shall thrive on in the future. When the teacher mentioned this, there was a little bit of silence, as if the students did take this question seriously.

True, our priorities define who we are. It does indicate what our hearts are inclined into.This is the reason why it is very important to take time and examine ourselves so as to examine what our priorities really are.

Notably, human individuals have different focus of priorities as they grow older. This means that we, humans, tend to focus our attention to the things that specifically affect us during a specific span of time. A young child may prioritize time for playing because the activity especially interests him. As the young child grows, he might begin prioritizing education as it becomes the center of his life. After finishing school, a young child who turns into a young adolescent begins to prioritize getting a good job which later on develops into having a family of his own and then becoming a good parent and so on and so forth.

However, in line with the many things that people can focus upon during these days of extensive modernization and social development, it could be realized that putting one's attention to one single matter could be an impossible picture. It is rather a normal matter that one person wants so much out of life that he imposes to multitask therefore trying to achieve so much in so little time. This way, that person does not have a priority, but "priorities".

Are you this kind of person?

Are you confused as to what your real priorities are?
Are you confused as to what your real priorities are?

The pitfalls of living alongside a number of priorities have caused so many families to stay apart, a lot of individuals to lose track of what is really important in their lives and a lot of children to lose their childhood to extensive desires and ambitions. Relatively, setting one's priorities straight can be tedious, but is altogether responsive to the constructive pattern of living a better directed life.

Creating a lie's priority is an important aspect of maturity. Only mature people actually do understand the worth of prioritizing matters in their life. According to a psychological survey, people who are more religious tend to live a more directed life. They tend to become more responsive to their religious responsibilities hence allowing then to define their path within this specific priority. In short, they have a central matter to look into hence balancing the way they condition themselves with their everyday activities.

True, every individual needs a sense of balance. May it be with relationships, with ambitions or with responsibilities. Knowing what you want to happen in your life through setting a central goal that you ought to reach could help you set things straight and prioritize matters in a much better context.

What do you prioritize in your life most?

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