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It's never to early to teach your children these things

Updated on December 29, 2013

Toddler Chore List ages 1 1/2-3

A few chores my two year old has are:

1. She helps make the bed.

2. She picks up her clothes and places them in her laundry hamper

3. Helping load the washer and remove clothes from the dryer.

4. Helping clean her room.

5. Helping load and unload the dish washer.

6. Helping pick up toys and other objects off the floor so I can vacuum and wash them.

7. Putting her plate in the sink when she is done eating.

8. Letting our dog out of his crate.

9. Feeding our dog.

10. Letting our dog outside.

Although I help her with most of these chores, she does get rewarded with stickers for everything she helps me with. rewarding your child for helping out gives them drive to continue to help out.

Helping out around the home

When I was a little girl I was helping with dishes, laundry, and light cleaning throughout the house. We had chore days, and were expected to keep our rooms clean. With this day and age, technology has taken a lot of drive out of our children. "After this movie," or "One more game." are common excuses I hear. I have found ways to make helping out fun. I am also going to separate chores into age groups, you can't just ask a two year old to make supper!

The Pre School List of Chores 3-5

By this age your child should be able to help out a lot more. Rewards may be a set price amount earned for every chore done, or a weekly allowance.

1. Making their own bed.

2. Cleaning their room with a little guidance.

3. Separating and trying to fold their own laundry.

4. Helping wipe down the table.

5. Helping sweep the floors.

6. All the chores toddlers can do.

7. Wiping down baseboards

8. wiping down sinks

Helping Make A Bed!
Helping Make A Bed!

Elementary 6-9

Children should be very independent by this point, they should be able to help with quite a few more chores.

1. All prior Chores (Toddler and Preschool lists)

2. Keep rooms clean.

3. Do dishwasher

4. Clean the floors

5. Wipe down windows

6. Cleaning the tub and wiping down sinks and toilets

7. Helping with litter boxes

8. Doing their own laundry

9. Taking out the garbage and recycling

10. Helping prep supper

What Do You Do?

If your child refuses to help with chores what do you do?

See results

Chores for ages 10-14

1. All the previous chores

2. Cooking simple meals

3. Helping clean up dog poop from the yard

4. Weeding the flower beds

5. Helping other family members with their chores

Helping Pick up her toys!
Helping Pick up her toys!

You Opinion Matters

Is it wrong to cut back some of a high school students chores in order for them to focus on work and school?

See results

High school ages 15-18

At this point your young adult is able to do everything you can. You should be able to trust them to handle all the chores that you take on, they should be able to also babysit and help younger children with their chores. you must take in account that they will want to go out and need to possibly find a job to help with their vehicle payments or shopping extravaganzas. You should be trying to teach them financial responsibility and how to grocery shop wisely.

Don't forget!

  • Always reward good behaviour
  • Give ample opportunity to improve
  • Always ask politely and show your child respect and they will be more willing to help out.
  • Take the time to teach the child the chore different ages require different lengths to learn things.
  • Have fun with cleaning and chores make simple games or challenges.

Try to be proactive

When wanting a household to work together you must be he foundation. You can not expect everyone to clean while you sit back and watch television. your child will soon grow to resent cleaning and feel as if they are being treated un fairly.

Be sure to include everyone in the schedule making and allow them to have their input, this allows for the child to feel included and voice their concerns.

Turn the music up and dance around making cleaning enjoyable helps to improve the time it will take to tidy up and will leave extra time to do more enjoyable things like crafts and family game night. Always try to inspire try not to yell and always help out and encourage sharing chores to get them done quicker.

If a child is feeling they are being treated unfairly take the time to listen try and resolve the issue.

Please note every child is different and develops at a different rate these are just basic guide lines to follow.


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    • profile image

      Sandra J Mitchell 4 years ago

      When chores are kept to real world expectations and responsibilities then becoming an independent adult becomes easier. :)

    • denise.w.anderson profile image

      Denise W Anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

      This is an excellent resource for parents. Knowing that it is okay to have toddlers help is a relief! So many feel that their children should not have to work, only to find out that they are overworked themselves. I believe that all children can be responsible in the home, and the more we expect of them as they get older, the better prepared they are to live on their own when the time comes!