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No difference with children today, it's their parents. Part (2)

Updated on November 25, 2011

Demanding that your child, rather your friend and not your child, do their chores such as washing the dishes, cleaning their room, or taking a shower won’t easily happen, we have seen it countless times.

By being the proper parents, those necessities don't have to be negotiated or discussed; it's a right of passage.

Can you just imagine both of you and your child arguing as friends do with both of you sure that you are correct?

Who is going to discipline whom? The truth about parents should be:

Don’t do as I do, and do even when I did not say. Follow the leader, who will always be the parent, or suffer life’s consequences.

With most other living entities, look at the price of being disobedient, misunderstanding and having your own way.

Could you imagine a bird or an animal, at their home in the jungle, moving at a time when they are not supposed to?

It's a matter of life and death. This should be even more guarded with children. Great parents do not use words like

"If I had known"

From experience, a parent should have already known all about their children. Children are not supposed to be telling

Their parents anything. Instead they should be asking and listening for answers, to learn.

This must be taught to your kids quickly. The same way in which you’re unselfish, extremely knowledgeable parents did.

I found answers to all my questions while teaching other children, to “always” be true to themselves, and

Always Love what they do. But for them to learn this correctly, they must also see those same examples,

Manifested in you, the parent.

Then teach them this truth, which what goes around, will most definitely be coming around again.

If they are always busy, never around, to be there for their parents, then they should know that nothing

Will change when they grow and have their own kids, who may not be there for them as well.

Because how can they even dare expect their children to be doing anything different when it’s in their blood not to?

Only a miracle could then make something turn out differently. Does the apple fall far from the tree?

If they are now planting seeds of laziness and lack of consideration for their own parents, how then from their own gene pool, will their kids be different?

Planting disrespect, while expecting love and admiration?

Let your children know that when they become parents themselves that all life won’t only then be starting with their kids.

It’s a continuation, and it will be a shame if during your leg of life's journey, you find yourself working real hard to go in the opposite direction.

Set the clock backwards. How can they plant peas and expect to reap corn?

If you allow your kids to run off way in front of you, warn them of the consequences before they reach their destination.

Let them know you been there and done that.

Because what’s coming around could be exactly the same evilof which you had warned.

They were planted and already branched off, into their own tree and it's though sometimes,

Too late to ask. Did I do the best I can? Did you?

You would know it's your best, because it should always lead to peace, and prosperity.

Never war!

Know that your kids are not for someone else to raise and train.

Teach your children the Truth

On 11/19/11,Tyrone Scipio<>wrote:


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Frank ,I think I might as well move to Shelton. Let me get some of that brain food I know that's on that side. Hope you are willing to share.

      Thanks my brethren for those very encouraging comments. I won't have to be staring at the sky if there were those like yourself , with those encouraging words to push on.

      Sincere Thanks.


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      Again.. you have created a simple to read easy to follow interpretation here.. I love these types of Hub and only you can really deliever it with conviction up and awesome!